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Tonya  10/02/2007          
Mission California.
NYCG!NYCG!NYCG! Love the record guys!
GDA  10/02/2007          
Mission California.
I was at Best Buy as they opened the doors in anticipation of this CD. At first I was a bit let down after skipping through the songs. After listening to it all of the way through I liked it, the second time, I loved it. The sound is different from Garage, but has overtones from earlier stuff that I think is great, all in all, probably the best from a great band. Mike McClure did a great job producing with the band, looking forward to the continued growth from an awesome group. By the way, drop the lables of "Nashville" and "Texas Country". Who really gives a sh&t as long as the music and lyrics are solid and from the heart.
Justin B.  10/02/2007          
Mission California.
This cd is amazing, and their best work yet in my opinion. People get so frustrated when a band trys new stuff. I don't think they strayed all that far from their previous sounds. I love the rootsy Ray Wylie Hubberish feel to "Dead Man". Also...people why are you so upset "Leavin' Tennesse" wasn't included. It's a cool song, but it's not that great. The whole "F" nashville thing is old anyways.
CCRFANAnderson  10/02/2007          
Mission California.
Although Mission California strayed from the usual Ragweed sound that we have all come to love, this CD delievers. Lawrence might be one of there best song as far as lyrics go. One thing that i wish they would have done is record When Will It End...that song has some powefull poop in it. All in all great effort from those boys from Oklahoma!!!!
cTc  10/02/2007          
Mission California.
CCR...I have been a fan since 98ish...This CD has a totally new sound...The first time I listened to the CD I was MAD. How could they chage their tunes after 9 CD's?? I have since listened to it more and evaluated on a musical/artist standpoint and there is a briliance in Cody's writing and delivery. I can't see CCR rockin this CD in a live show...I just dont feel like partying when I hear it. Bottom line....Good CD....NOT CCR Material...
Kerry  09/30/2007          
Mission California.
they have a few videos of it on youtube check it out
Tejas  09/29/2007          
Mission California.
Does anyone know where you can find the song Leaving Tennessee??
And me....I'm kinda vain.  09/28/2007          
Mission California.
The hidden track is not the "Leaving Nashville" song. It's a song called "Right Path" which is pretty good itself, but nope "Leaving Nashville" is not on the cd. It's still a pretty good cd though and a good listen.
Kerry  09/28/2007          
Mission California.
Don't get pissed just yet...There is a hidden track on the album from what I hear...but I'm not sure if it is f*** Nashville or not
cody  09/27/2007          
Mission California.
im kinda pissed the f*** nashville song is not on it


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