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Kiley  09/26/2007          
Mission California.
Gonna be another great album. Can't wait!! These guys just don't get old. Cody is one of the most talented musicians ever. Keep it rocking!!!
Kerry  09/26/2007          
Mission California.
I've heard Cody do The Jealous Kind by Chris Knight as is on youtube!!!
Tejas  09/25/2007          
Mission California.
What other Chris Knight song did they do?
Wade  09/25/2007          
Mission California.
That song cry lonely is bad ass! It's a Chris Knight song. If you ain't heard of him, check him out too. I seen ragweed in my hometown and they played 2 of his songs.
TexaninGeorgia  09/25/2007          
Mission California.
It's F'n Cross F'n Canadian F'n Rag F'n Weed. It's gotta be good. I've seen these guys live in statesboro, ga at a small bar and at country thunder and I can't wait to see this new material live. Come back to Statesboro.
sterno  09/24/2007          
Mission California.
Too early to be a critic, but after listening to the review it doesnt sound as good as their previous albums in my opinion. The remake of Jenny sounded the best to me. I also like their music better live and have not seen them live in a few years so I havent got the full effect. But never the less they are an awesome band and I will still buy the album and I will still recomend it to any tx country music fan.
A-Sizzle  09/23/2007          
Mission California.
I was able to hear this thing early and it is good, a little different, but well worth a purchase.
russell 23  09/21/2007          
Mission California.
i heard a few songs, and it sounds good. not near as bad as that soul gravy p.o.s. jenny is a redux of a song off of carney. but califorrnia just sucks, some of the biggest idiots of our time are californians.
Kerry  09/21/2007          
Mission California.
Yah it sucks when people take the whole Texas/Oklahoma thing out of context...A name is just a name sometimes and in this case it just so happens that California was the place that Ragweed recorded their will be great, go buy it, and every song I have heard on it is awesome...the only reference to Cali on the record is in Jenny and that song is bada$$
JustinB  09/20/2007          
Mission California.
Dude, obviously you are an idiot. So what you are saying is that if doesn't mention the word Texas or Oklahoma, then it's a bad thing. For one thing the record was recorded in San Diego, in the same studio the Rolling Stones recorded one of their albums. The cd will be sensational. I can't stand ignorant people that believe the songs HAVE to be about Texas all the time. That's even weaker than the bland stuff coming out of Nashville these days.


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