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C Ray  10/27/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
If I could it would be a 0 star CD. This really sucks. He sounds like he's trying to imitate Tim Mcgraw. He is getting exponentially worse with every CD. Should have stuck with stuff like "Like it used to be"
RRB REVIEW  10/26/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
According to a reviewer, "Just because you finally start to make it after years of touring doesn't mean you "sold out". That's correct. It's when you change your sound to appeal to a more "mainstream" audience that you've sold out. It's not because of better equipment, talent, or anything else except changing sound to appeal to certain crowds for better sales and exposure. If someone wants better sales and exposure, that's ok, but if you change your sound to something your producer, label or other songwriter wants in order to get that, then you've sold your creativity for something, and that is a crime in this business of "authentic" musicianship. A great example is Robert Earl Keen. He's stayed "Texas" through the years and became "rich" by doing things his way. He's changed sounds but always stayed honest; never to appeal to crowds, only to appeal to himself. RRB has changed their sound drastically since they signed a big label deal. Today they sound like a thousand other "hat" acts on CMT. There is little difference in sound. They're not the first band to do this, and they won't be the last. They will however find out (like Pat Green, Jack Ingram, Lost Trailers, Etc) that it doesn't work.
biglucky20  10/16/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
This is yet another incredible album from RRB. As for you that think this band sold out you don't know what youíre talking about. This band writes their own music and is out on that road 300 plus days a year for us the fans. Go to one of their shows and that will show you what kind of band they are. They let you know that the fans are one of the main reasons they are out there doing what they do. And in the word of Randy Rogers himself, "I Love My Job!" They do what they do because they love it. Just because you finally start to make it after years of touring doesn't mean you "sold out".
mtphfl eqjlgafis  10/14/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
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Uncle Howie  10/08/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Randy has always been one of the best. The idea that the band has "sold out" is absurd. Just because you are good, and start to make money does not mean you sold out. Although, I agree this cd is not as good as the past, it is still great, and I am sure the more I listen to it the more I will like it. My wife would kick your butt if she knew who said the band "sold out". Randy is one of the few men in this world that she would leave me for, and I can't think of any more at this point in time!!
Doesn't matter  10/03/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
This outfit "sold-out" a long time ago. It doesn't matter what people say, including Randy himself. I believe what I see and hear for myself, not what people say.
KB  10/02/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
I'm not real crazy about this one. I am a big Randy Rogers fan and always have been but this one is just not doing anything for me. "Whole Lot Better" just sounds like some Kenny Chesney crap to me. I know I'm gonna catch some flak from that comment and I don't mean to put Randy down,but I know he can do better than that. I have heard a lot better. There are a couple decent songs on this cd but overall sounds way too mainstream to me. It's just my opinion but hey thats my review. So if you don't agree with me I don't care cuz I don't feel like arguing.
jonathan  10/01/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
I like it but not as good as rollercoaster
iveylee  09/29/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
It's Randy Rogers enough said. Keeps getting better!!
Country Mike  09/20/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Well, they musta used to have a steel player in the band, 'cause several of the songs on the "like it used to be" album has steel in it, and damn it sounds good. What, did they lose their steel player or something?!


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