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MWD  09/01/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Glad to see that you'd still buy a copy, bigboss78, but your argument is weak and has been used, unsuccessfully, by people with questionable ethics for centuries. "I didn't do anything wrong. The real culprit is the person who burned and distributed the disc in the first place." Really? That's your justification? Maybe you should rent the film Gentlemen's Agreement.
Southern  09/01/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
I read all of your reviews and some are well thought out and some are retarded. I went to Wade and Randy acoustic tour...Randy sang one line of Garth Brooks "Friend in low places," and kept the rift on guitar, The whole crowd finished the song like it was the best song of the night..Afterwards Randy said, "Sellouts? I never wanna f***** hear that again!" I absolutely loved it! Cuase its true. RRB are are not selling out, they are still WRITING ALL the Tunes on the Cd but they are starting to write with better songwriters such as Bruce Robison and more. In all honestly, if anyone is a singer/songwriter knows how hard it is to write a song, specially from the heart and then have to turn around to worry about who is going to judge. So Stopping there. This whole CD is great from beginning to end. Good ole Texas sound, lyrics, hooks and everything. BUY IT, listen to it all the way threw twice and then tell me what you think!
bigboss78  08/31/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
CS you nailed that one. ElPresidente if you are gonna get mad, Go hunt down the person who the band trusted and, gave the promo copy to. they are the main person you need to be going after. I'm sure if you had a burned copy right infront of you, it would sit there and never be listened to. I would take a copy, and i would still buy the cd. hell i'll probably buy more than one copy.
loyalfan65  08/30/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
First off, not every album they put out can be exactly like rollercoaster. This new record is great in its own since. To all you people that get on here and write bad reviews saying that the artist have changed and their new stuff isnt as good as their old and that they have "sold out" or whatever, Why should they stay loyal to you when you obviously arent loyal fans of theirs??
CS  08/29/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Some people may "steal" a full length CD to listen to before deciding to spend their hard earned cash on a particular product. How would you feel if you bought a CD thinking it was going to be great only to play it one time and throw it under your seat to sit and scratch and never be played again? In a perfect world, all of these artists would put their full length CD on their websites (like CMT does) so fans can listen to it before they commit to buying and not base their decision on a 20 or 30 second sound clip, otherwise you're at the mercy of the bands and sometimes the customer gets burned. As a matter of fact, I'm jamming Chris Knight's new CD right now on and because I can listen to full length songs, I'm more inclined to buy it because I know it's something I like. As far as reviewing RRB's new CD, I can't right now because I haven't heard any of the songs in full length. After ElPresidente's post, I'm more inclined to "steal" it from a friend.
ElPresidente  08/29/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Music thieves are the bane of this music scene and are the anti-thesis of what this scene is about. Some of you are thinking "they're a big band and they can afford it". I'm sure that if someone broke into your house and stole from you and they used the same defense in court, you would call bullsh!t. Well... I'm calling bullsh!t on you. Theft is theft and theft from any of these artists that we all support hits close to home. Do the right thing where this is concerned and buy the album or continue to eat your meals at the bottom of the pond.
Kerry  08/28/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Yah same thing as LonghornFan. Gruenefan send a copy my way I'm willing to buy [email protected]
gruenefans#2  08/26/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
yeah, connections are nice, but it ain't no rollercoaster
LSM_Devers  08/26/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Who are all of these people getting the record a month early? Damn, I wish I had connections like that.
longhornfan78  08/25/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
hey grunefan send the copy my way if you want. i'll buy it from you e mail me at [email protected] if interested.


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