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rrb4life  08/25/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Just had my first listen to the new album and it is pretty good. I'd classify the sound as a mix between Rollercoaster, JAMOT, and new styles. Pros: -Some really great songs -Some new sounds for RRB on some songs to mix it up in a good way -cohesive album no filler and good representation of Randy at 30 yrs old Cons: -fiddle too damn low in the mix, just like on JAMOT, bring back Brady's fiddle Radney! I miss the huge wall of sound of rollercoaster No bonus acoustic song for two albums now...woulda been cool!
Gruene_fan  08/25/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Had the cd about a week. Not near as good as what we are used to from RRB. Rollercoaster is ten times better. This record is to smoothly polished. Looks like they were thinking about what songs would be good for radio this time instead of doing it the old RRB way. I' glad I didn't pay for it and will continue to listen to older RRB stuff.
longhornfan78  08/24/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
how did you get an early copy?
And me....I'm kinda vain.  08/23/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
I received an early copy and the whole cd is amazing. It's much better than JAMOT. It may be their best work yet. The songs that I like the best are Better Than I Ought To Be, Lonely Too Long, One Woman, In My Arms Instead, When The Circus Leaves Town, Buy Myself A Chance, Break Even And This Is Goodbye. The point is the whole cd is pretty amazing. I was let down by JAMOT, but they are surely on the right path again with this cd.
imafan  08/13/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
I just heard in my arms instead on the radio. It was awesome live and the album version is just as good. I'm glad that yall still have that raw sound. Love the bluegrass feel too


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