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Johnny  05/25/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Alright. I am not this dude's friend, dad, cousin, or whatever...I work at a bar he makes cameos at. What's up with the one star review...."The worst I ever heard" Honestly? This stuff is great. Period. If the fake reviewer was smart he would try to write a three or two star comment to not seem so obvious. Did Javi still your candy little single star one? Things will be ok.
Chris Compton   05/23/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Well I like it and it seems as though the people that don't like it are to ashamed to put their real name. I wouldn't want limp-wristed sissies like that listening to my drumming anyways... This album is heavy, raw and full of the life of Javi Garcia without compromise. I hope you hate it.
Don Henry Ford Jr.  05/23/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
This'n will make my year's best list. Already has.
MWD  05/22/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Pancho shows his complete lack of knowledge of musicianship by taking a swipe at Sam Baker as part of his Javi review. Smells like professional jealousy from here...
Pancho Villa  05/19/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
This CD is, in fact, a horror...Horribly bad! I know that every member of his family and friends are hyping him like crazy on this site, but once you listen you'll see that their is nothing there. Dull beats and mundane lyrics, coupled with a voice worse than Sam Baker. Pass this one by...
Pops  05/16/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Javi Garcia has tremendous talent as a singer / songwriter. His music reminds me of musicians of earlier generation: Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Meloncamp and more recently Steve Earl and Robert Earl Keen. Javi is a troubadour singing of the issues that face his generation. His voice and lyrics pull you in and the music and instrumentation backs his message up (and them some) with raw emotion. This CD ... the messages you hear and the emotion you feel make this a must to have.
jgarseeya  05/12/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Pure sickness!!!! Love this album
JB  05/12/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
This album is really great. Saw him live at the Phoenix Saloon and got the CD. Amazing band.
Gamez  05/03/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Listen to this record. It's like a refreshing slap in the face that will awaken you from the dull monotonous life most of us tend to lead. Very dark in tone yet very fun in execution.
Steve @  05/01/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
I love Javi Garcia’s live show. Love. Strong word, but I mean it. A Javi Garcia live performance with his band, The Cold Cold Ground, is one of the most exciting, vital shows you will see today. That being true, I approached “A Southern Horror” with some trepidation. Yes, I was skeert, because so many times the energy of great live music is lost in the studio (witness Band of Heathens), and Javi Garcia’s music without energy is kinda like Scarlett Johansson in baggy clothes – pretty nice, but you know you’re missing something. I am happy to report that “A Southern Horror” has all the energy of a Javi Garcia live show ... if not more! Toss in some brilliant guitar pieces by Luke Leverett, the unmistakable screaming harmonies of Austin Gilliam, and -- BONUS -- a guest vocal appearance by the great Mike McClure, and "A Southern Horror" satisfies on all levels. I am assuming, of course, that you are interested in unapologetically hard-driving, well-written rock-n-roll with occasional country overtones, that explores the darker side of life, right? Included with the new CD is a second disk, Javi's five-song EP "Madly In Anger”. “Madly In Anger” is not filler, but is, rather, another high-quality important piece of the Javi Garcia experience. “A Southern Horror/Madly In Anger” is the best album I’ve heard this year and it crowns Javi Garcia as the reigning King of AmeROCKana.


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