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KB  10/23/2017          
A Long Way From Your Heart
Excellent album from beginning to end. Hope these guys never stray away from that Turnpike Troubadour sound. It all original. Nobody out there like these guys. Well Done!
Lora Callender  10/14/2017          
Jamie Richards
Artist Review
He is good and country.Also if his last name is Richards he is a distant relative to me. The Richards are also Richard's from France. Nice to know I have another one in country music.
Okie In The REDRIVER  10/08/2017          
Deryl Dodd
Artist Review
Hi! I like his music, but the last time I seen him was at Gillys @ Choctaw casino inDurant, Oklahoma. He didn't even get his merch off the trailer? I wish he would take it inside, because I want his new album that's old songs, but turned into duets. PLEASE BOBBY
Great musician  07/16/2017          
Thomas Michael Riley
Artist Review
TMR is awesome performer and musician. His song have great story and meanings.
Gertrude Haynes  07/11/2017          
Tony Taylor
Artist Review
I saw Tony Taylor at The River Haus in Gruene & I was blown away by his songwriting & musical prowess. He can rewrite our favorite songs & make them his own. His voice, guitar & song together really resonate. He is not to be missed. I remember seeing George Strait in the 70's at Gruene Hall,he has a soulful quality like that.
T.G. Caraway  05/13/2017          
This Tall To Ride
Have been a fan of her music since she started. This is the best she had recorded!
Debbie  05/07/2017          
Michael Myers
Artist Review
I heard Michael Myers tonight and he is great! How can I buy his CD?
TheRealWonHabbitt89  05/03/2017          
Colton James
Artist Review
It makes me feel so special that everyone cares about me so much, thank you!!! Hahahahaha, yeah it's me, your best friend!
Susan Shrader  04/02/2017          
Thomas Michael Riley
Artist Review
Heard Thomas Michael Riley at a private party while at San Chicago King Ranch in March 2017. Funny stories, uplifting stories, and great musician.
mawmawdowling4  01/06/2017          
Jack Saunders
Artist Review
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! My husband and I saw Jack preform outside of Austin TX in the mid 90's what a great show it was! His music has a way of getting into your mind and staying there. Even now after almost 19 years later we still listen to his "Blue Shadow" cd and now our 16 year old GRANDSON is loving this album! Keep up singing Jack!

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