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Tim L  07/15/2016          
Cary Swinney
Artist Review
Cary is a truth teller when the media and government only tells lies. All his CD's are excellent.
Ken martinez  06/23/2016          
Which Way Is Up
I've been a Jackson Taylor fan for a long long time. This is an incredible album from one of the truest outlaw bands out there. Everybody needs an outlaw is my favorite, foolin around should be a huge hit on radio!! If you like Hank, John,Waylon, and Merle you are already a sinner fan. So buy all his albums, you won't be disappointed
JKIRK  06/02/2016          
Dust & Wind
Album Review
I can listen to all but 3 songs over and over. The last track was a bummer if you count that. But overall I really liked this album a lot.
Taryn Smith  04/18/2016          
Cody Johnson
Artist Review
Cody once said " I'm not Texas Country, I'm not Nashville.... I'm ME" That really struck home to me cause I live in Colorado and there is only one station within 400+ miles that plays any red dirt music. I play gigs up here and realized that I'm not im trying to sing and play like everyone else.. This guy is a great singer/song writer, inspirational, God fearing, hard working man. Keep up the great work and cant wait for "Gotta Be Me" Album this June! -Taryn
D & B Buck  03/12/2016          
Jeremy Steding & The Rebellion
Artist Review
How can you not love his music. We first heard him at the Austin Stock Show and Rodeo. He played at our cook off and brought the house down in multiple tents and became a good friend too. The washer tournaments were fun too. We love all the albums that he has put out since that first single he gave my wife. Looking forward to more of his great talent.
Jim. ( Ireland )  02/19/2016          
Tommy Gallagher Band
Artist Review
bought this cd last year when i visited Texas, impressed with the energy and enthusism of the lads, I have been a fan of Tommy's grandad Tommy Allen for many years and while their styles may be different the feeling comes through,
Ronnie Barrett  01/05/2016          
Kent Finlay
Artist Review
God Bless you Kent. "If it wasn't for Texas, If it wasn't for Kent."
Roger Moss  12/26/2015          
Wes Nickson
Artist Review
We heard him perform outdoors at the Salt Lick and enjoyed his lyrics, music and delivery. Love to hear more of him.
Cindy Blain   11/30/2015          
Bri Bagwell
Artist Review
This girl is something else..I have all her CD and love them all.I go to every show she performs locally and let me tell us.. She puts on one heck of a performance. Love her music,her drive, her personality and let's not forget "The Banned". If you haven't seen or heard her yet you are really missing something!
Cindy Blain   11/30/2015          
When A Heart Breaks
I love this whole CD. Bri Bagwell is just awesome! I sure wish the radio stations here locally (CC, TX) would play this girl's music more. She has such talent and needs to be heard!!

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