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Gertrude Haynes  07/11/2017          
Tony Taylor
Artist Review
I saw Tony Taylor at The River Haus in Gruene & I was blown away by his songwriting & musical prowess. He can rewrite our favorite songs & make them his own. His voice, guitar & song together really resonate. He is not to be missed. I remember seeing George Strait in the 70's at Gruene Hall,he has a soulful quality like that.
T.G. Caraway  05/13/2017          
This Tall To Ride
Have been a fan of her music since she started. This is the best she had recorded!
Debbie  05/07/2017          
Michael Myers
Artist Review
I heard Michael Myers tonight and he is great! How can I buy his CD?
TheRealWonHabbitt89  05/03/2017          
Colton James
Artist Review
It makes me feel so special that everyone cares about me so much, thank you!!! Hahahahaha, yeah it's me, your best friend!
Susan Shrader  04/02/2017          
Thomas Michael Riley
Artist Review
Heard Thomas Michael Riley at a private party while at San Chicago King Ranch in March 2017. Funny stories, uplifting stories, and great musician.
mawmawdowling4  01/06/2017          
Jack Saunders
Artist Review
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! My husband and I saw Jack preform outside of Austin TX in the mid 90's what a great show it was! His music has a way of getting into your mind and staying there. Even now after almost 19 years later we still listen to his "Blue Shadow" cd and now our 16 year old GRANDSON is loving this album! Keep up singing Jack!
The Point  12/20/2016          
Walt Wilkins
Artist Review
Streetlight is as good as anything Walt has ever done. And given his body of work, that is saying something. Get one for yourself, your friends..and folks you want to be your friends.
Ken Meek of Scotland [email protected]  12/15/2016          
Thomas Michael Riley
Artist Review
Sitting in the Garden of Hodos bar in Fredrickburge June 2015 waiting for Tommy Alverson to begin his set when the big guy came in. I had no idea who he was then, but I was aware that he was popular with the audience. He was asked would he do some numbers and he said hed be happy to. He joined the company on stage for a few songs which left a lasting impression on both my wife and I,Particularly The List. We met him in the bar after the show and he was a pleasure to talk to .I bought his latest album, and gave him a copy of mine. I wonder if he ever plays it.
Bob Marshall  11/02/2016          
Roberto Sontoya Ramos
Artist Review
Robert ROCKS! He just finished tracks for my new album. All I told him was "have fun and be creative with it". He floored me with his creativity (ALWAYS had "one more idea") and his ability to deliver stunning bass lines!
Michael Johnson  10/21/2016          
This Old Thing
Fantastic album all the way around. It takes you on a country blues journey that pulls at your heart strings, gets you dancing and cures your soul.


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