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Chad Yates  10/20/2015          
Bart Crow Band
Artist Review
In case my last didn't post!!! I said GRAND OLE OPRY BITCHES!!! I grew up with this kid, I know what it takes just to get out of town, much less hit it big! He's from the sticks for REALZ! And trust me he ain't backed by THAT much cash man. He's not a silver spoon sucker but he is a BOSS! Yall hate him cuz Yall ain't him! I'm buying all there albums (and that's saying a lot coming from me) cuz I don't buy shit! YOU GO BART CROW........
Wes murphy  09/18/2015          
Men & Coyotes
Album Review
Best album I've herd in a long time.
Matthew D.  09/01/2015          
Please send Donald and Hillary A Copy. SQUELCH kills fascists to quote Woody Guthrie. So if you are human, you should enjoy this one.
Travis  08/13/2015          
Swampy Tonk Blues
Absolutely love this emotion packed cd. Swampy blues with a slice of that raw country missing in this mainstream world. You won't be disappointed.
Jim the Marine  08/07/2015          
Harris And Ryden
Artist Review
H&R is my go to music when I want to unwind with a beer. It is as fresh now as it was when I first heard it over a decade ago at Blaine's Pub. I haven't found anyone who matches their style or lyricism. I find the back story to their friendship fascinating, too.
Patrick Ramb  08/02/2015          
Michael O'Neal
Artist Review
Call it dirt road if you like but I think working man's music better describes the man's lyrics that make me stop evertime dead in my tracks. Of all or any genre of music for that matter his lyrics are a spot on road map of this and I can only presume every other redblooded American country boy,that ain't exactly country. Or so they say.the best I've ever heard.
Kenefick's #1 Fan  07/05/2015          
Artist Review
The band is sadly, now retired but they had a big impact on people. Some say that they are one of the best bands in Texas music and I agree.
Janie Clayton  07/05/2015          
Matt Begley And Bitter Whiskey
Artist Review
I came across mbbw in Galveston, TX on July 4th, 2015. Oh heck yes, 5 stars! I will recommend grabbing the opportunity to see them if ever they are near you. Check out their web site for dates & places. They will be at a place I know in just 2 weeks! I will be there!
Ashley  06/30/2015          
Luke Robinson
Artist Review
Luke Robinson's new single "Roses On The Radio" is my new favorite song! It's about growing up in a small town listening to Guns N Roses! I heard he has a new album coming out later this year and I can't wait. Going to see him in concert with Gene Watson July 4th. The last one I saw was GREAT!
Albert Espinoza  06/18/2015          
No Justice
Artist Review
I miss this band so much. Forever one of my favorites! I'm still rocking all your music Steve!


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