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Matt Rasmussen  04/28/2015          
Small Town Dreams
An outstanding CD from start to finish. Will Hoge is an outstanding singer/songwriter. I can't get enough of Small Town Dreams. If you have a chance to catch a live show; make sure you go! He is also a great live performer.
retro_cowgirl  04/23/2015          
Jon Wolfe
Artist Review
He is the next big deal. Total talent with traditional roots and sound. We need to hear more on the radio!!!
Stefanie  03/16/2015          
Canvas People
Artist Review
Great Great Great music!!
Kyle  03/11/2015          
Blue October
Artist Review
I just keep getting surprised by this band. Their music is maturing along with them, and I can't help but feel that they are pretty under rated. Anybody who is open to some new music should give them a chance, they won't regret it. Can't wait to see them during their 2015 tour. Got the schedule info on
Zach  02/22/2015          
Album Review
Excellent debut from a great singer-songwriter. Give "Backburner" a chance, you won't regret it
SS  02/14/2015          
Aaron Watson
Artist Review
Passed thru Abilene and I love Texas music and Watson was ok nothing special. I guess Abilene and all the comments above are mostly fans from his city which doesn't speak much with only 100k people in it and probably 5% fans or friends! I was certainly not impressed and he seems arrogant. I'll defiantly save my money next time!
Alienaahh Lopez  02/07/2015          
Cody Johnson
Artist Review
I came across Cody Johnson about 2 weeks ago on pandora. After having lyric to "(i wouldnt go there) if i were you" stuck in my head i decided to figure out who that voice belonged to. CODY JOHNSON!!! i listened to the COMPLETE "Cowboy Like Me" BLEW MY MIND!! his voice is gold, the album is amazingly crafted to appeal to the heart. true country music with the heart of Texas you cant miss. Los Angeles needs a Cody Johnson show. as i dig deeper into his records i have yet to be disappointed. a breath of fresh air with the voice of a angel
super trucker   01/15/2015          
Rhett Miller
Artist Review
They we simply the best sr
Patti Derr  12/18/2014          
13th Floor Elevators
Artist Review
I heard them at Allen Landing in Houston when I was 14. Too young to go into the 2nd floor club so we "youngsters" sat on the lawn and listened to history
Cory hoover  12/11/2014          
Be Mine
When it comes to Walt and Tina Walkins, they will always get the highest rating. If you have never seen them in person, you are truly missing out. Two of the kindest souls you will ever meet.

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