Aaron Einhouse

Aaron Einhouse
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Not every kid born and raised in Austin, Texas dreams of a life as a singer-songwriter.  However, it does seem fitting to learn that someone with the unique talent for putting stories into songs – like Aaron Einhouse – calls Austin “home”.  But, as he chronicles in one of his latest laments, “Songs Of My Heroes”, he almost missed his calling, had it not been for the loss of his music-loving uncle who passed away when Aaron was a teen.

Looking back, Aaron says that hearing the words of Townes Van Zandt’s “To Live Is To Fly”, and Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Getting By”, at his uncle’s funeral was a defining moment in his life as a singer-songwriter.  As he puts it:  “this was the first music I had ever heard that really, truly, spoke to me.”  Aaron immediately immersed himself in more music and lyrics that spoke to him, also finding inspiration in such balladeers as Steve Earle, Guy Clark, and Robert Earl Keen, among others.  Eventually, he was inspired to begin writing his own songs – throwing away more than he kept, but knowing he had stories to tell.

Now, years later, along with the full support of his wife Melyn and two-year-old son Ryder, Aaron’s music is his livelihood – writing, singing, and playing songs that speak to him and to others.  He already has two previous albums, full of original music, and he continues learning and growing as a songwriter, drawing on the influence of his musical heroes to further hone his craft.

His latest project, Blue Collar Troubadour, released by Vision Entertainment in March 2014, is a collection of songs that Aaron believes are his best, so far.  Produced by Mike McClure and recorded in his Oklahoma studio, Aaron says that Mike’s unorthodox recording method helped bring out his full creative potential.  “Recording at Boohatch with Mike is a blast; you never do more than a couple of songs at a time on one instrument, so jumping between songs and instruments helps keep things fresh in your mind.”

Aaron is especially proud of the two songs on the record that he wrote with his mentor and friend, Walt Wilkins – including the title track, “Blue Collar Troubadour”.  Walt produced his first two records, and adding his touch to this one was important to Aaron.  “It’s just amazing when someone like Walt Wilkins believes in you,” Aaron says.  “He’s as real as it gets, and you know he means it.”

After the last few years of committed diligence, Aaron’s hard work has yielded great opportunities.  He has been playing regular gigs at Gruene Hall and the greater Austin area, and has opened shows throughout Texas for the likes of Jack Ingram, Aaron Watson, and Roger Creager.  He has also been writing songs daily, both on his own and with other celebrated songwriters, including Kent Finley and Hal Ketchum.  His fan base is growing and Aaron is ready to give them something special with this new record.  “I’m proud of every song on the album and feel they tell the stories I want to tell, the way I want to tell them.”

With the songs of his heroes providing continual inspiration; a few heroes alongside him on his journey, showing him the proverbial way; and his wife, son, and family firmly on his side, Aaron is headed for the destiny he might have never dreamed  possible – creating music in which he believes, and that both his heroes and fans will enjoy.  He is living the singer-songwriter dream, indeed.

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Aaron Einhouse  05/14/2012            
Hello Road is real good. glad i bought it.
Aaron Einhouse  03/09/2011            
Aaron Einhouse  09/12/2010            
love the cd :)
Aaron Einhouse  08/04/2010            
Jimmy Dean
CD is great. Saw Aaron Einhouse on fox tv station this week performing. looks like he puts on a good show. lookin forward to his show at river road ice house this weekend.
Aaron Einhouse  07/24/2010            
Crockett County Line is the best song on the cd. worth buyin!
Aaron Einhouse  07/11/2010            
great music
Aaron Einhouse  07/05/2010            
buy this CD, music is really good
Aaron Einhouse  06/18/2010            
Aaron's album is really good. My favorite songs are the first one off the album and Crockett County Line. We saw Aaron play at C Hunts Ice House in Austin and had a great time. This album is really worth buying.
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