Adam Donmoyer

Adam Donmoyer
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Adam Donmoyer is an unconventional and unpredictable artist who combines an ear for melody with a pop culture sensibility that celebrates the absurd. His training as a stage performer has helped him craft a piano-driven, modern-day pop cabaret act that has won over audiences of all types, not to mention critical acclaim. The subject matter of his story songs runs the gamut from transvestites and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to his pets and a one-night stand. They usually include an O’Henry twist that keeps listeners and audiences guessing even as they wipe tears of laughter (in the cast of the one-night stand, the lover turns out to be a werewolf). "Similarities to Tom Lehrer and Randy Newman come to mind when I listen to Adam's music. His approach is warped and wonderful and he is not afraid to be unique and himself," said Wilory Records recording artist Terri Hendrix after working with him at the Old No. 9 Music Series Songwriters Workshop. Adam attended the respected workshop on scholarship after winning the grand prize of the Austin Songwriters Group 2001 Bare Bones Contest with sometimes co-writer Anders Rasmussen. Through the satire, Adam’s songs have been honored for their serious undertones. A song inspired by a schizophrenic cousin who believes himself to be Jesus Christ recently contributed to his nomination for the Humbie Heart Award from the Humble Time "Songwriters' Radio Showcase." A favorite at Humble Time, Adam often leaves people laughing so hard, they cry. He calls his music "tragically funny." "Adam's like a car accident: you walk by, and you can't take your eyes off of him," says producer David Love of Love Monkey Studio. "He’s a wild man," agrees songwriter Jason Blume, who has penned multiple hits. Adam’s sensitivity to the spectrum of human feeling, interpreted with and tempered by humor, has acquired attention on, where he was highlighted as an "Artist Success Story." His successful MP3 site and featured songs on various internet sites and radio shows have added to his international following. Adam is most enchanting on stage, where he forges an instant bond with even the largest of audiences. His new album Naughty Bits was just released. He hopes the album will be an opportunity for new listeners and devoted fans alike to hear at home what they fall in love with when they see him on stage.

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Average Rating : 4.9              Total Reviews: 8

Adam Donmoyer  04/27/2009            
Sublime....that's the word...Exalted? Dare I say? Glorious music. If I could catch its essence in a vessal to save and pass around for others to enjoy, I would. A must for long car rides and unexpected hay rides. This collection of songs fetches the Ball of Life from the Neighbor's Yard with grace and humor and paints a beautiful picture of dreary New Jersey.
Adam Donmoyer  10/26/2006            
Mike Gipson
Adam was an old teacher of mine at the Austin School of Music in Cedar park and he has inspired me to write many of the songs I do now. His music truly is artistic and very talented.
Adam Donmoyer  02/12/2006            
Mihaela Turbaceanu (Miky)
I had the chance of knowing Adam during a summer theater season at Otterbein, working on a mistery show. Then, he gave me his first cd which added a touch of unique sensibility to the image I had on him as an artist. Unpredictable, observative and irronical, sort of Brechtian - both in music and theater. Hope to get in touch again
Adam Donmoyer  05/25/2005            
Love the new song "what I really mean!" Makes me think of the special people in my life!!!
Adam Donmoyer  05/05/2005            
honestly they are dynamically explosive with the way they perform and with they make music. Truthfully when you get to know these guys on a personal level they are great people and very mature and are dedicated to what they do in the music business. ps. so honestly loyd go and check out there shows honestly.....
Adam Donmoyer  04/07/2005            
Mike Redfern
You have to have this CD! Most Amaizing Smile is just plain eerie and if your butt is still attached to your body after you hear TV Hell you need to get your funny bone lubed. Adam is a great songwriter and even better pianist.
Adam Donmoyer  02/19/2004            
Leola OConnor
I cannot wait to get the new album. I have never seen the band but I have their cds in my house and in both cars. I only want to listen to their music. I think its alittle bit country and a little bit rock & roll. To anyone reading these reviews, go get the Purple Cd. It will hook you! I need to only get 2 of the older ones and will complete my collection to date. Buy It, you will love them. I hope they come to NH soon. I will do anything to get to see them live! Great job CCR, keep up the good work.
Adam Donmoyer  10/13/2003            
Luke Leverett
Let me start by informing you of how biased I am. I love Adam Donmoyer, he's a nice guy, very encouraging. I also think that this CD is really quite good. The quality of songwriting is relatively high throughout. The packaging is wonderful, the sound is great. Buy this.
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