Andy Martinez

Andy Martinez
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The nine songs that comprise “Race the Buzzard Home” are sung with Andy’s distinctive growl of a voice and straight to the heart lyrics. Crafted with some of the most poignant and dark songs of recent memory. Sweet ballads and haunting melodies fill the landscape of the album and create a soft yet rough atmosphere. There is no fictional grit on this album; the songs are tried and true and impossible to ignore. Produced by Alan Crossland (Richard Buckner & Terry Allen)at Route 1, Acuff Studios. Andy has shared the stage with acts such as Iron & Wine, Jeff Klein, Ian Moore, Bosque Brown & Cary Swinney.
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Andy Martinez  01/20/2010            
The music sounds good to me, and Texan, if you remember anything from school. Mexicans were the first Texans.
Andy Martinez  04/12/2007            
I just think this mexican should be a mexican and not taint the talent of our prime music.There are good mexican songs I figure for him to work with,No offense intended.
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