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Asylum Street Spankers
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The Asylum Street Spankers, from Austin, Texas, are a unique band led by vocalist/washboard player/poet Wammo and vocalist Christina Marrs. They're finding a growing cult following for their unique brand of acoustic blues and early jazz. While much of their material is blues from the 1920s and '30s, the band also performs original songs in their live shows and on their debut album for Watermelon Records, Spanks for the Memories. The band's live shows are performed without amplifiers or microphones, usually including tunes from Bessie Smith, Robert Johnson and other standard, traditional blues tunes. In addition to Wammo and Marrs, members of the Asylum Street Spankers have included guitarist Colonel Josh, guitarist Jeff Ross, banjo and mandolin player Pops Bayless, drummer Jimmie Dean, guitarist and saw player Olivier, kazoo player Mysterious John, Guy Forsyth, and bassist Kevin Smith. The genesis of the eight-member band occurred in the early '90s at a hotel outside of Austin. After an all-night acoustic tune swap, the musicians realized they were on to something, getting back to basics and playing acoustic music. After several phone calls and circulated tapes, the band met again for a rehearsal, and the chemistry took over from there. The band began attracting growing crowds after playing steady Wednesdays at the Electric Lounge, a bar in Austin, and from that following, they took the next step and recorded their debut album for a local label, Watermelon Records. While many of the melodies and progressions on Spanks for the Memories are old, some of the band's lyrics are straight out of contemporary America. Songs like "Funny Cigarette," "Trade Winds," "Lee Harvey" and "Hometown Boy" are funny and entertaining to most audiences. This was proven by the following live album, which chronicled a 1996 show and showcased their charm and charisma in a live setting. Another fine set of old-fashioned pop, the record won rave reviews and set them apart from other, more gimmick-oriented revivalists.
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Average Rating : 4              Total Reviews: 9

Asylum Street Spankers  05/02/2007            
Asylum Street Spankers  07/20/2005            
Krys Mollman
This is an amazingly entertaining group. Get live or on a drive. Good lyrics, great messages, lots of fun.
Asylum Street Spankers  11/20/2004            
Asylum Street Spankers  10/30/2004            
Asylum Street Spankers  11/24/2003            
Doug La Rue
FUN!! FUNNY! FABULOUS!! These guys will make anyone enjoy music. Just a bunch of world class musicians having fun and speading smiles. Check our the live performance video of the spankers at Flipnotics in Austin, Texas at MusicTexas.Com
Asylum Street Spankers  07/16/2003            
Heard you on Bob and Tom. Amazing!! I loved everything I heard. Absolutely a keeper!!
Asylum Street Spankers  05/20/2003            
Asylum Street Spankers  06/07/2002            
Asylum Street Spankers  09/27/2001            
Al Barlow
The Asylum Street Spankers are awesome! Not only are they a talented bunch of musicians, but they know how to grab ahold of an audience and entertain the crap out of them! What a delightful show they put on! The only negative thing I experienced about this group is the disgusting attitude of their female lead singer, Christina Marrs. The woman really sings beautifully, entertains like a seasoned professional, and is one of the rudest a**-holes I've ever met. If she were kind to her fans, I believe the entire group could benefit from it. But she's disgustingly rude, unfortunately, and I doubt that'll change...
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