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Austin Allsup
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With rugged vocals that can melt into smooth melodies, he grabs an audience's soul and does not let go even after the last note fades away. Austin Allsup has experienced life's darker sides, yet transcends them in his songs. Along the way, he came up with a unique sound that encompasses the diverse styles of the musically fertile Southwest, but with a genius for intelligent lyrics and wry humor. Traveling up and down the nation's highways Austin has more than met quota for his share of self determination. “I know it doesn't' come easy, but if the wheels on my van keep taking me up and down the road and I can make a living doing what I love, then there's not too much wrong with that.” Knowing this, Austin is what good friend Rodney Pyeatt calls a “LIFER”. With a love for music and a intent passion for the songs he writes Austin began to grow as a singer, songwriter, and performer. With the release of Austin's first record Intensity. He started to build his fan base one show at a time. With that attitude in mind, Austin has now had the opportunity to share the stage with artists from all over the musical spectrum, such as John Mellencamp , Joe Ely, Mike McClure, Van Zandt, LeAnn Womack, Jason Aldean, Jason Boland, Stoney Larue, Blake Shelton, Cody Canada, Randy Rogers, and many more. Without any intentions on letting up, Austin has just finished producing his newest record “Cryin' Out Loud” with friend and producer Mike McClure. “Austin Allsup is one of the most naturally talented guys I've come across. He writes great songs and has the swagger to pull it off with out looking like a jerk. I would bet he shoots to the moon.”Mike McClure. Here is no complacent effort: you feel him stretch with a motivation instilled from the sheer joy of survival with the title track Cryin Out Loud. A tune that almost breathes itself into you, with a delightful eeriness that only legendary steel guitar player Lloyd Maines could inject into the veins of a song. Berating the corrupt, with Blows Away you begin to feel a subtle vengeance in Austin's vocal delivery. Bewildered by loss, in Heaven Holds My Road . The yearning to love in Take Me With You could only be chiseled with timeless licks from Buddy Holly's guitarist player and father Tommy Allsup. To finally realize some exalted goal comes the first single Patience of a Pearl., Austin's voice is both commanding and free, attached to a decent conscience, a fierce mind, and set to the kind of melody that imbeds itself long after the song is heard. “If you're not buying this one and playing the grooves out of it, you aint living right." Justin Frazell 95.9 The Ranch

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05/07/2009 - Alt-country Singer Austin Allsup Touring Texas In Support Of New Album - Read More
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Average Rating : 4.8              Total Reviews: 76

Austin Allsup  03/03/2014            
Brad H
A real Texas treasure. We are so lucky to have this guy so close to home here in Fort Worth. If you haven't seen his live show, get to one ASAP... and pick up the CDs or get on iTunes now!
Austin Allsup  12/07/2011            
great great great start to finish
Austin Allsup  12/07/2011            
This guy is amazing! His soul and passion you can feel it in every word! If you have not been to see him live i suggest you put that on your TO DO list!!! Its on mine if he makes it back up to Oklahoma!
Austin Allsup  10/27/2011            
love it
Austin Allsup  10/21/2011            
This kid has a rockin voice. Heard the new songs live at his show at City Limits... Buying this CD now!
Austin Allsup  05/21/2010            
Neal Woffard
Went to a show wanting something new and fresh. Austin has some pretty cool songs, but the live show is more like seeing Pearl Jam or Nirvana live. Pure rock, not at all country in my book. But a good, very loud, show either way i guess.
Austin Allsup  05/10/2010            
Had an awesome time sat night at the Back Porch! GRREATTT SHOW! My husband and I thought you guys were terrific! We would love to come see you in Fort Worth but there are no tour dates listed for you on LSM. Let us know where you will be so we can come!!!
Austin Allsup  04/27/2010            
AA is one of the edgiest "TX Country" bands out there right now. Heck I think of him more as TX Rock with a little country twist. His music is what true rock in roll is all about. His vocals rival that of Eddie Vedder with the power and passion only exhibited by a rare breed. Go see him if youíre in the mood to rock and be blown away by some POWERFUL VOCALS!
Austin Allsup  04/16/2010            
Friend From Cali
This guy sings his ass off whether there's 5 or 5000 people there to see him. Great c.d.'s...even better live show. I'll be back in Tx. this summer to see him.
Austin Allsup  02/27/2010            
josh trery
Good band but don't go see them live if you're needing an organic fix. Heaviest "TX country" I've seen by far. Not always a bad thing I guess
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