Austin Cunningham

Austin Cunningham
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Exploring the lives and emotions of the character’s he brings to life is how Austin Cunningham describes his formula for success. "When I write a heartbreak song, for example, I don’t want to just say, ‘oh so and so broke my heart,’ and leave it at that," he says. "I want to get behind the motivation of the breakup…what was going on in the character’s mind and heart… there’s always more to the story than meets the eye, and that’s something I want to try to capture when I write. I also like to try to put a positive spin on things…maybe add a little inspirational twist." His interpretations of life have appealed to such artist’s as The Judds, Dolly Parton, Tracy Byrd, Kathy Mattea, Tanya Tucker, and Reba McEntire among others who have cut his songs. His last two singles have been featured in motion pictures. The Where The Heart Is soundtrack includes the single "Grow Young With You" (Coley McCabe), and his song "Beautiful" (Jennifer Paige) was featured in the Winona Ryder/Richard Gere movie, Autumn In New York. Other cuts include "From The Ashes" (Martina McBride), "I’m Your Man" (Jason Sellers), and "Dancin’ With Angels" (SHeDAISY). His Christian cuts include recordings by Susie Luchsinger, Roy Clark, Ken Hollaway, and Lisa Daggs among others. Cunningham is a recipient of the coveted Johnny Mercer Award for "Emerging American Songwriters," which is given annually to one writer each from New York, LA, and Nashville.
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Austin Cunningham  05/05/2009            
Heiko Wester, Netherlands
Listning to his early CD's, I wasn't very impressed, but 'Made To Last' hit's my bones!! The divers of the songs and they are more powerful!! I like really every track!! Highly recommended!! Heiko Wester, Netherlands.
Austin Cunningham  04/16/2009            
The Last Great DJ (Brett Dillon, KHYI, Dallas) summed it up best by saying that this was the best CD of 2009 so far. This is, by far, one of the better CDs you can purchase. Every song is won't be disappointed.
Austin Cunningham  02/05/2009            
Well folks, to complete this anthlogogy of reviews for my boy, I've gotta say, this one leaves a rock in my throat. My favourite. As you've likely guessed, we are somewhat celebrities but hot dang we've stayed humble. While TV was our meal ticket, music was always our love (except from Chuck that no..) People have always said that it's not the talent that matters (thank God), but the heart. Richie proved that over and over just being a little snot all his life. Joanie too; trying to nail Jenny Picallo and Joan Jett while playing Scott for the fool. Austin, well, with him it's being left so far behind all the other action and still becoming a star. Last week on the "Turnline Tour" (in the smaller baseball park betwen the Jefferson Dry Cleaning complex and Whiskey Cat's)he took home 2nd place in the "Best Ballad by a Local" with his new nut twister "Ain't my gam a gamer?" Tears were a rollin' brothers and sisters and ol' Howard was right there with that same piss coloured mist running down my cheek that Marion had on hers on our first date 54 years ago. Marion's gone now, and the other kids are living their lives (except Chuck...), but me and Austin stay close. Yep, I'm also his manager and that's enough to keep anyone busy. Don't forget to buy all of his music. Richie had a fight with us a while back and cut us off from HD royalties so we're kinda screwed there. Austin thinks we can take the William Weenie Wizard contest at Sam's tonight, so we'll be ok today, but life's a struggle ain't it? Don't forget, it ain't "Red Dirt"; it's just bad country.
Austin Cunningham  02/04/2009            
It's dad again!
This is it folks! The original demos recorded behind Arnold's. This was one hell of a legendary day. Austin proved once and for all who the gifted one in the family was this day. So while little Richie will forever hold that honour, I can't help but give this boy his due just for fact that he could even show and make such a fool of himself like he did. Besides getting hammered and trying to do a Jesse Dayton tune, I'll be damn if doesn't chase old goop gobbler Mabelle from acrooss the street and start humpin' her in the stalls while trying to wail a Donny Edwards tune. Son, I love ya! Richie should've gave you his trophy just that! By the way Mabelle just called for; said she'd like to see you again....ha hhhaaaaaaaaa
Austin Cunningham  02/04/2009            
Frisky Cunningham
Being the father of this clan, it's been a heartbreaking, yet heartwarming to watch this beautiful family grow over the years. Sure, we got off on the wrong foot with Chuck. That damn egg-head only how to hold a basket ball. That's why he disappeared shortly after we invited yous in our lives. Lets just say that the cameras were too close when Fonzie's Pigeon shacks came through the roof. Chuck.....what a piece of ...Anyway, then came Richie. Another doo-gooder egg-head, but at least he had the sense to try music, which is what we wanted all out kids to do. Unfortunately, none of 'em were any good. Coming from Milwakee, we had some good support, but just when things were getting good, Fonzie and Anorld decided to stage a war that changed the landscape for a while. The bottom line is, the music changed to more "rock" sound and even though Richie was bad at country, he was worse in rock. We tried to get his sluttty sister Joanie to help, but again, a no-talent family goes a long way. Years, years, pass, and Old Howard's bigbeefyhonker get's a re-birth and up springs AC. Our third boy. The new hope in this long line of untalented Cunningham losers to give us a shot. Well folks, one things for sure. The no talent factor is there. He calls his music "Red Dirt" (that's for people who can't even do bad country), but bless my 9 pound hammer, he just hooked up with Potsie Webber, Harry Jett (Joan's Grandfather), and some blind guy from Laverne's Father's Pizza shop, and their doing some more recordings. These here are apparently the early stuff. Proud, proud, proud; how else can you be after seeing a dumb-ass boy with that no-quit attitude.
Austin Cunningham  01/30/2009            
Cunningham's Hardware
Hi, this is Howard! I remember just like it was yesterday. Little Richie's little brother was all guzzled up in the back seat while we drove to Reno for his next gig. Ralph Malph was nailing Joanie (Jett)good while the Fonz played harp to Marion's non-stop whiskey breast-feeding of this bottomless pit of a little nipple nibbler. Gotta say, I'm sure proud of this boy today. Hopefully he'll live up to all the hype over here in (Red Dirt) Milwaukee . Since he never did know a thing about country music, we've encouraged him to do what everyone else with no talent does, get yourself surrounded by a "same-sound" outfit, sing about Texas, and pretend you're a bad ass. Soon you'll graduate to being able to write a song about another subject other than Texas! Then you're almost there. (Hey, maybe even about a girl!) If you keep saying "red-dirt", people will naturally think you're "doing" something different, gritty, and cool, and they can't ever accuse you of being a wanker. Our little boy was never the fastest learner, but he just received his greatest professional advise from Big Al on our West Coast trip recently (Asher and Dominion streets areas). Al reminded all of us that if you keep talking, or singing about Rosa Coletti for more than 8 years, that makes you the bigeest loser in any state, let alone the largest one. Don't forget folks! Buy my boy a beer at their next show. He's leaning towards a new HD Red Dirt 8 string in the next year. Yep, we're sure proud!
Austin Cunningham  01/30/2009            
Howard, his dad!
I remember just like it was yesterday. Richie's little brother was all guzzled up in the back seat while we drove to Reno for his next gig. Ralph nailing Joanie (Jett) while the Fonz played harp to Marion's non-stop whiskey breast-feeding of this bottomless pit of a little nipple nibbler. Gotta say, I'm sure proud of this boy today. Hopefully he'll live up to all the hype in Red Dirt Milwakee.
Austin Cunningham  12/21/2007            
Larry Massey
When it comes to home grown texas music it don't get no better than A.C. With the drive like Rusty Wier and the soul like Brian Burns, Austin's songs capture the hearts of his listeners. He has proven time and time again that he is a legitimate force in the Texas music scene. Your friend Larry Massey
Austin Cunningham  12/19/2005            
Brian Burns
Many is the late night (or early morning... it's all relative, as Einstein so brilliantly illustrated) that I might be observed traveling some stretch of Texas two-lane with Austin Cunningham's music (at appreciable volume) shaking my vehicle and the highway beneath me. When it comes to Texas Music, it don't get any better than A.C...!
Austin Cunningham  01/15/2005            
Charlene Blevins
I don't have quite enough room to rave as I'd like about the glorious Austin Cunningham. He had to take out a second mortgage on his house to make the CD "Let That Poor Boy Sing" (Senior Partner Records), and after listening to it, I'd take out one on mine for him. He is imbued with best qualities of the singer/songwriter: a tender heart, a poet's wisdom and true writer's honesty. All that and a fine voice and adventurous melodic sense to boot. From "Buck Clayborn," about salty creatures who teach young boys lessons to "The Butterfly," a beautiful metaphor about the pain in change. Cunningham simply help me spellbound. And while he's got that Texas singer/songwriter thing going, he definitely has a vision and voice of his own. Go buy this record. You'll get your money's worth, and you'll help him pay off his loan.
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