Beau Hinze

Beau Hinze
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The album ‘This Round’s On Me’ is truly a genuine collage of songs dug from the bar ditches of a hidden, less traveled caliche road. After playing his share of bar scene sets, Beau has developed what has become a sense of what the music in his mind sounds like. Performing mostly solo acoustic acts, he sat down with a handful of talented musicians who added the final touches to his debut album. “Listening to an acoustic sound & original written material has always been my favorite, but for the album, I just wanted to add a little something melodically without taking the true, unpolished simplicity out of the song.” Some include the “full band” sound, others simply collaborated with a lone fiddle, harmonica, or pedal steel. The songs consist of stories & descriptions of people & places found in the pastures of small town life, such as his birthplace & residence of Brenham, TX. As well as exposing a guaranteed chuckle humored side of life as heard in ‘Bud Light Girl’ & ‘Ridin’ the Gravy Train on Biscuit Wheels.’ After a 4 year stint in playin’ rodeo, Beau obtained his degree at Texas A&M University in 2000. This is where his love for Texas Music ignited & after playing back porch & tailgate ‘shows’ with musician friend Travis Winkler, he decided to shape his songwriting craft and begin entertaining the bar scene acoustically. “What a treat it has been having the opportunity of opening shows for the folks like Hayes Carll, Adam Carroll, Larry Joe Taylor, Max Stalling and other unbelievable songwriters. An amazing feeling I simply can’t describe & appreciate heartily.” “Drivin’ on a county road 13 miles out of town, with the window rolled down, 83 degrees with a tall boy in your lap” best describes Beau’s song on the album ‘This Round’s On Me’ according to singer/songwriter Winkler. The scent of small rural farm life can be understood in the tunes ‘Whitetail Bucks & Bluecats’ & ‘Weimar Cowboys Playing Dominoes in a Roosevelt, TX Café.’ “I have always loved songs that portrayed a simple dirt road side of life. Guess I got lucky growing up around it and painting pictures for people through words and watching them smile as they relate to them.”
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Beau Hinze  12/08/2008            
Great CD to listen to while eating BBQ, fishing, or just drinking beer!
Beau Hinze  12/08/2008            
Great CD to listen to while eating BBQ, fishing, or just drinking beer!
Beau Hinze  08/02/2007            
jessie mikeska
one of the best cd's to listen to on the back porch with your cold beer and bbq
Beau Hinze  05/31/2007            
This is the best cd I've purchased in years. I cant believe it is his first album. You're crazy if you don't buy it. Coffee and Beer is my new favorite song.
Beau Hinze  05/11/2007            
Ben Morris
You're my boy Beau! Great record! Keep up the good work!
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