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Ben Schane
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For Ben Schane growing up in a small South Texas town on the coast was never easy. While the gulf water and sea breeze were destined to have an impact on his life, there was more out there for him than just the saltwater.  Ben Schane’'s father worked in the shipping industry for 20 plus years.  During that time, he befriended a Greek ship captain at the Port of Corpus Christi.  The Captain gave Ben Schane’'s father a cheap green guitar he purchased while in the Philippines.  "Give this to your kids", the Captain said. Once the guitar entered the Schane’'s home, Ben Schane became consumed with teaching himself to play the guitar.  Songwriting followed soon after.  Since the age of fifteen, Ben Schane has been scripting words of truth, fiction, and truth about fiction. His passion for writing and playing music has grown into a career as a singer/songwriter.

Ben Schane has spent the past ten years writing and crafting his style into the true, honest, and original songwriting that he is known for today. His influences over the years have been broad and varied and can only be defined by a pure and true love for music.  "I've always loved the sound of the greats like Van Morrison and Bob Dylan,” says Ben Schane. When asked about artists outside the Americana genre, "“I love true originals and artists, it’s not about a category or style; it’s the thought and passion behind the music that makes it great.”"

Having played many shows over the years simply for the love of songwriting and music, Ben Schane decided it was time to produce a professional product and recorded his debut album, "Antique Noises", in the fall of 2008. As a songwriter with a prominent acoustic, story telling style, Ben Schane recorded a collection of 12 original, full band songs, giving each a unique, creative style. His upbeat, “edge-of-your-seat” live performances have certainly caught the attention of his audience. While Ben Schane’'s band offers great, "“in your face"” guitar and rhythm work, his lyrics still manage to hold the ear of the listener at the show.
In August of 2009 "Antique Noises" was released and is receiving the credit and recognition it deserves. From singing and songwriting for the love music to the touring circuit and nearby stage, Ben Schane is making a lifetime of sharing his songs with a growing number of newfound fans.  He is currently writing and planning for the next record to be released in 2011. There is a comfort and originality in the sound of this songwriter.  The soul behind the songwriting and success of “Antique Noises” is certainly just the beginning for Ben Schane.

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Ben Schane  11/04/2009            
A Cd with tons of Heart. There is no doubt that this is just the beginning.
Ben Schane  11/02/2009            
Best Album of 2009, I guarantee beeshes!
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