Ben Smith

Ben Smith
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Ben Smith brings refreshing originality and style to Texas Country Music. "Everybody goes out to have a good time...I play music to have a good time. I think the most important thing is just to keep the music fun. That’s what I’m all about…," he says. And and keeping it fun exactly what Ben does. His comfortable, energetic, interactive presence, great singing and songwriting, and solid musicianship validate Ben Smith as a very promising newcomer on the horizon of Texas Music. His own songs are out right captivating, and grow on you instantly. He keeps his shows rolling with classic songs we all know and love by everyone from Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, to Steve Earl and Merle Haggard… from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Ray Charles to The Black Crows. Ben Smith covers all the bases with awesome delivery. He has been honing his craft since college, where he played solo and with a band. Smith has played everything from open mics to opening for Pat Green, Gary P. Nunn, Corry Morrow, and other Texas Artists. He specializes in smaller, more intimate venues and acoustic performances. Ben is originally from Gainesville, Texas and worked on farms and ranches growing up. He graduated from Texas A&M, and is playing shows around Texas and taking his music to the people.
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Average Rating : 5              Total Reviews: 14

Ben Smith  09/16/2011            
Aaron Kutra
Ditto on what Matt Fuller said!! It was also great to catch you in Steamboat!! Hope to see ya again sometime soon! Gig'Em!
Ben Smith  03/04/2009            
Ready for them new songs, I know I'm not the only one.
Ben Smith  12/03/2008            
A superlative troubadour of unmatched talent. In short, he's the real deal.
Ben Smith  09/15/2007            
This is one heck of a fine Album, I really love that song Gasoline, this is one of those good road albums too, just headed down a highway, the tunes just flow. micman
Ben Smith  07/25/2007            
Great Music. Loved his CD...Please sir can I have some more? TXGigem
Ben Smith  09/22/2006            
Ben just keeps getting better. He's growing as a writer and a musician and it shows on this new EP. You won't regret getting on at the ground floor with this guy.
Ben Smith  09/19/2006            
ROT fan
If this guy keeps plugging away one day he will get to open awesome shows for all of his heroes like Jack Ingram, Rich O'Toole, and Bleu Edmondson. They are the true greats in Texas music today, and he could be one day too!
Ben Smith  07/27/2006            
Tommy Black
Truly talented original CD. I can't wait for a new cd to come out.
Ben Smith  07/26/2006            
Chris Niebuhr
'Gasoline' is a great representation of Texas Music. With an ideal blend of traditional country & new Texas Country, with classic & southern rock. All of the songs are originals and the choice of song orders allow for a pleasant transition of the softer songs between the livelier ones. Worth the gamble, check it out.
Ben Smith  07/24/2006            
Greg Sandberg
This is a great CD for anyone who likes Texas Country. Every song on here is really good; solid from start to finish.
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