Big John Mills

Big John Mills
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John Mills was an Army brat, born in Frankfurt, Germany, however, he eventually settled in Texas. He sights among his musical influences, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Johnny Bush, Bob Wills, Buck Owens and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He began playing lead guitar at age 12, and also plays bass, drums, piano, mandolin and harmonica. John's been playing music full time for about 10 years, and writes or co-writes most of the band's music. His band, The Texas Road Dawgs are: Rodney Smith on drums and vocals, Glen Kay on bass and Steve Richter on guitar and steel guitar. Their sound is pure Texas honky tonk. John's also got some pretty talented friends, and some of them pitched in and lent a hand on Honky Tonks & Neon Lights. John's mentor and friend of 20 years, Clay Blaker produced the disc, and adds his vocals for a duet, as does Tommy Alverson. Also helping out are Robbie Springfield and Tommy Detamore on steel, Doug Driesel on piano and Jason Swindol on fiddle. In addition to his duties on vocals and lead guitar, John also contributes on bass, mandolin and harmonica. All the songs on Honky Tonks were either written or co-written by John, except two that were penned by another friend, Leland Martin ("Today Ain't Your Day" and "She Rules The Roost"). Honky Tonks & Neon Lights kicks off in high gear with the honky tonker "I See You For What You Are," a song written in "honor" of one of his exes, though he doesn't quite remember which one, and the word is, on the version that appears on this disc, John's toned down the lyrics some from it's original version. The outstanding, shuffling "Jim Beam and Jack Daniels (Wrote My Favorite Songs)" pretty much says it all about John's way of looking at his songwriting, "Jim Beam and Jack Daniels will make me rich or kill me dead." Seems there's an awful lot of unsung honky tonk heros in Texas, and Big John Mills & the Texas Road Dawgs sure fit into this category. If you like your Texas brand of music straight up, 100 proof honky tonk- the kind that instantly packs the dance floor- then Honky Tonks & Neon Lights is definitely the one for you.
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Big John Mills  12/25/2008            
Just wanted to make a general comment on John's overall products! "AWESOME" His picking is right there (and above) Brad Pasley's. John is just a great entertainer too!
Big John Mills  06/11/2007            
Kim C.
Keep writing! Your songs have and will continue to touch many. Great to see you are still living for the music. I have both CD's and playing holes in them. Can't wait for a third CD to come out. Can't wait to catch ya performing again in my area ol friend.
Big John Mills  08/19/2006            
Brian Burns
Big John Mills rocks the house - that's all I can say. No, wait, I can say more: Big John is a fine entertainer, daredevil guitarist, and all-around helluva good guy. He's worked with some of the best in the business, and anything he puts on CD is worth twice the price of admission.
Big John Mills  07/14/2006            
Kathy B
P.S. About Big John, that was when he was just starting out. I just cannot believe how good he is now...
Big John Mills  07/14/2006            
Kathy B.
Wow!! He is Great!! I remember when we were in High school FFA and we would all sit around at the ag barn just listening to him play his guitar. Big John, let me know when you come to College Station, Texas. He is great!!
Big John Mills  07/07/2006            
terry stephenson
Great guitar player and entertainer. Go see Big John and you'll come back for more.
Big John Mills  06/27/2006            
Jessica M.
BBBBiggggg John rocks you out of your seat. To see him play is awesome. You can't help but watch him. :)> Can't wait 'til he comes back to Livingston Texas.
Big John Mills  05/11/2006            
Tom McAleer
Great Cd from a great songwriter and guitar player. If you haven't seen Big John live, you are missing a great show. Buy the cd and see him some night at Cheatham St Warehouse or the River Road Icehouse, you will not be disappointed.
Big John Mills  03/21/2006            
H E Robards
Big John is one of the best guitar players of his time. How can you resist a man that travels with Selena. Selena is Big Johns chihuahua, always on the road with him. It's a sight to see a man and his dog, under the covers together. Big & Lil' You Rock, Big John
Big John Mills  01/07/2005            
big john mills rocks ballz
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