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Alex Smith - Guitar, Lead Vocals

Russell McClendon - Bass, Harmony Vocals

Brad Hobson  - Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals

Nick Odom - Drums


Roots rock & roll is alive and well in Texas. The Bigsbys make a brand of music that leans on a strong, soulful performer, three-part harmonies and a scrappy, blues infested SG guitar. The group is a 4 piece that plays one of the tighter shows you'll see. Nobody in the band has the last name Bigsby, but the group plays as a band of brothers. The Bigsbys put a big piece of their souls on the line with their new album Good Will Suitcase. The new album features original songs as well as co-writing from the album producer Jonathan Tyler. The music is  loud and raw at times, subtle and tender at others. 

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Bigsbys  03/06/2014            
J. Lahey
This is a great album! It's Pure Texas rock and roll. The songs are strong, feature great harmonies and guitar work. Very listenable. Very catchy, Very good.
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