Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks
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With American comedian Bill Hicks there was always an awareness of other people, of how our society links together. With this came an idealism and a vision of what the world could be. But first he had to slay all the "fevered egos" polluting the planet. He saw himself as a flame, Shiva The Destroyer, using comedy as a weapon to expose truths and show people how governments are screwing us every day of our lives. He also happened to be achingly funny such was the accuracy of his comedy. At the age of 13 Bill Hicks did his first gig. Six weeks before his death, aged 32, he did the last. In the intervening years he frequently did over 250 gigs a year. He tried to reach as many people as possible, to put them in touch with inner and outer space in a majestic flight of one consciousness thinking. Those he inspired haven't lost the ability to take a ride. People use and misuse the word "tragedy" all the time. It seems to accompany the death of anybody famous. But the real definition of tragedy evokes a sense of loss and poignancy, a sense of someone dying before they really gave everything they had to offer. Without hyperbole, Bill Hicks' death was a tragedy, for there was so much still to come from this creative, imaginative talent. When he died in 1994 the world lost a rare talent, but his spirit and philosophy still live on.
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Bill Hicks  06/13/2006            
Best American comedian of the 20th century!
Bill Hicks  01/20/2006            
sobia ahmed
please play more of Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks  09/14/2004            
Bill's comedy was the truth. The truth that hurts, the truth that makes you laugh, the truth that makes you cry. Nothing was sacred, nothing above or below his vision, and all the things in sight were subject to ridicule. Politics, drugs, sex, smoking, Waco, kids, politics, sex (oops mentioned those twice) all was fair game. You might not like the stand he took on an issue, but he took a stand, and made you laugh.
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