Bill McNeal

Bill McNeal
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Bill McNeal's songs range from bittersweet and ironic ballads to tongue-in-cheek country talkin blues. Texas Singer/songwriter, Bill follows a long established tradition along his own unique path. "One Track Mind" on Texmuse Records presents twelve of Bill's originals in his first CD release. Produced by Paul Pearcy and engineered by the Eastside Flash at Flashpoint Studios in Austin, the CD contains outstanding performances by some of Austin's most respected studio musicians, including Kenny Grimes, Glenn Fukunaga, Billy Bright, Richard Bowden and Cindy Cashdollar, which showcase Bill's relaxed lead vocals. "I guarantee you will come away humming new melodies, while various lyrics speak to you, as if to say, 'Gee, I wish I'd said that!'" Fletcher Clark, Austin- Producer/Engineer "One Track Mind" is a musical experience that will call the listener back for more.
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