Bill Whitbeck

Bill Whitbeck
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Bill was born in Washington D.C. His family soon moved to La Porte, Texas when the space center was built in nearby Clear Lake. The family chose to take Bill with them. An early interest in music became a permanent aspect of his life. He began playing around Houston while in high school and then moved to San Marcos in '76. In '95 Bill got the job as bass player with Robert Earl Keen. Whitbeck has performed on stage with Steve Marriott, John Lee Hooker, Flaco Jimenez, and George Strait. He has co-written songs with Robert Keen, Rodney Hayden, The Greencards, Fred Eaglesmith and others. Bill has put together a collection of his tunes in a cd called Radio Caroline produced and performed by David Beck. He hopes people like it.
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Bill Whitbeck  06/08/2010            
"Only 1 S in New Braunfels" is perfect for central TX. CD is great!! Some very good lyrics, and vocals. Bill is so down to earth, he'll drive a friend of a friend home when the car breaks down at a restaurant MILES away!
Bill Whitbeck  01/12/2010            
Clay in Denton
Bill is an awesome person. I got a chance to hang out with the entire REK band a few months back and they were all extremely great. Bill is no exception. I would give him the benefit of the doubt no matter what, but this album really stands on its own. He has his own "voice" and it is something we haven't heard before. We've all heard his great backup vocals on REK's albums for years (and years). Wild Wind reference. But he proves here he can hold his own. Congrats on a solo release, Bill. That is a huge accomplishment. It sounds awesome. Keep it up, man. Best wishes.
Bill Whitbeck  12/31/2009            
Caleb in Mineral Wells
Two words...REALLY BAD. Lee, by "different", do you mean, "horrible"?
Bill Whitbeck  12/31/2009            
Not only is this a good CD, Bill is a great writer and a great person, you need to hang around after the show and get to know him; nice guy and says he has some new things on the burner that are really going strong! Good job Bill thanks for being different.
Bill Whitbeck  12/25/2009            
Kenny in Seguin
Great album by a great songwriter. I listened to Bill tell the stories behind the songs when he was on Roots and Branches with Ray Wylie. City Market hit home with me because I've always thought their BBQ was the best anywhere and I'm glad Bill agrees.
Bill Whitbeck  12/19/2009            
I've been listening to this non stop. I've enjoyed Bill's songs he co-wrote with Rodney Hayden, REK & The Greencards but am really glad he finally put together his own project. If you're a fan of real music pick this one for "Gary" & "Joe"'s reviews....they don't "get it". I'm sure they're far too busy listening to their Bart Crow, Casey Donahew and Josh Abbott albums to actually listen to a real songwriter.
Bill Whitbeck  12/19/2009            
I'd give this less than 1 star if possible. Whoever wrote the positive reviews needs to clean the Sh** out of their ears. Bill, stick with REK; as a solo artist your stuff is no good.
Bill Whitbeck  12/19/2009            
Great album. Always enjoyed the songs Bill wrote with Rodney Hayden, Robert Earl Keen & The Greencards on their albums....glad to see he finally put together his own project. Whoever wrote the first review just doesn't get it. I'm sure he can't make the time to fully listen to this record with all the Bart Crow, Josh Abbott and Casey Donahew cd's he's listening to
Bill Whitbeck  12/12/2009            
This has been the only thing in my car's CD player for the past week or so. Very catchy and very good writing. It's nice to see Bill solo as opposed to in the background for REK. Where have you been?
Bill Whitbeck  12/11/2009            
This is a great record! Proud of you Bill. What happened to the saying "If you don't have something nice to say, KEEP YOUF*&^*^* mouth shut!" I know it goes something like that.
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