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Billy Dee
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Billy Dee has paid his dues -- and then some. He has been the consummate side-man, singer, and songwriter to many great and famous musicians over many years. He lead Gilley's house band for six years. Most recently he played bass for Dale Watson, but after 5 great years he has decided to go on his own and let the world hear his own original music. Dale and Billy Dee are still the best of friends and enjoy hearing each other perform, and who knows what the future holds. Billy Dee’s friends think this is a great idea. He will be booking his own gigs, if y’all are interested you can get a hold of him via this web site. Billy Dee had already been performing with his best buddy, Redd Volkaert, both in Redd’s Saturday matinees at Austin’s famous Continental Club and every Tuesday at Ego’s in a combo called “Reddbilly.” Chris Gilson, Dale's former drummer, is part of the fun. Ricky Davis, steel-player of renown, sits in every chance he gets. With his fabulous new CD Heart Don't Fail Me Now just released, I feel Billy Dee is poised to break-out. The only thing standing in his way is his humble opinion of himself. Billy has a great personality which is warmly accepted by audiences and has mastered the vocals and bass on an impressive repertory of traditional country songs. Plus he has written a bushel basket full of great songs, himself. However, he is in awe of the skills and experience of his band mate and best friend, Redd. Admittedly, Redd Volkaert is one of the world's masters on the Telecaster and can sing pretty dang good, too. So far Billy Dee and Redd have been alternately sharing billing for “their” band. Many of us are hopeful, that how ever the ensemble shapes up, Billy Dee will become recognized for the great musician… and gentleman, that he is.
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Billy Dee  11/10/2006            
Rancher J
I like Billy F Dee. If you like mid 70s honkytonk like later Paycheck and Gary Stewart then you will dig Billys style. Also Ricky Davis is on steel!
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