Black Water Gospel

Black Water Gospel
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Black Water Gospel. It sounds like a name you might come across when flipping through old Sun or Stax LPs. But while Austin’s Black Water Gospel pays due tribute to a rich musical tradition, it is very much a modern band with a 21st century sound. The name may say “gospel,” but this is no gospel band. Instead, Black Water Gospel belongs to the church of nonconforming rockers. Fellow parishioners Pearl Jam, the Old 97s, Jeff Buckley, and the Drive-By Truckers influence Black Water Gospel’s progressive alt rock and alt country fusion. Black Water Gospel had its genesis when lead vocalist Juan Gutierrez and guitarist Jesse Duke began jamming together at Texas State University in San Marcos in early 2003. By summer they added drummer Andy Morris and bassist Dan White. Regular gigs at venues like Triple Crown in San Marcos and Antone’s, Momo’s, and Jovita’s in Austin helped Black Water Gospel hone its sound. Intense songwriting sessions filled rare gaps between shows, and by early 2005 the band had assembled an impressive catalog of original compositions. Grammy®-nominated producer and musician Michael Ramos (Patty Griffin, John Mellencamp, the BoDeans) joined Black Water Gospel to help capture the energy of the band’s charismatic live shows in a studio setting. “We love playing live, and there’s definitely a live feel to the CD,” says Gutierrez. “We did every song in just a few takes, so you can hear the authenticity of a live Black Water Gospel show captured on studio recordings.” Black Water Gospel, produced by Ramos and Black Water Gospel, is due out in September on Fat Caddy Records. The album features 10 diverse tracks, from the vocal growls and driving guitar rock of “Walk On Stilts” to the down-tempo, violin-laced soul of “Sewing Smiles.” “I don’t think any two songs sound alike,” says Morris. “The album really documents us as a band. It shows where we’ve been, and it hints at where we’re going as we continue developing our sound and style.” Along the way Black Water Gospel has converted a solid base of believers out of skeptics unaccustomed to original music. “No frills,” says Gutierrez. “We’re just good people making genuine music.” Amen to that.
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