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Blue Broussard
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"Southern Rock, Country, Americana or whatever you want to label us, we're ok with any of those." The Blue Broussard Band is from Beaumont, Texas. The group, Blue Broussard, Chris Foster and Matt Sebastian came together in the summer of 2007 and began arranging Broussard’s original acoustic material into complete scores with the assistance of accomplished rock guitarist Pj Disharoon. With Pj and Matt’s prior musical experience coming from hard rock and metal backgrounds and Chris’ experience coming from Rock, Blues, Jazz and Funk projects, the songs took on a lively vibe. “These guys have all been playin’ rock. I’ve been playin’ country but a lot of my favorite artists were the rockers of the 90’s. So when everything came together it felt really good to me,” said Broussard of the new scores. Sure, the Texas Music scene is full of rock influences, but the Blue Broussard Band wanted to push the envelope and make a mark. After a year of writing, arranging and preproduction Broussard and Foster took off to find the right studio to produce the group’s debut album. After a an introduction by Pj the new project landed in the hands of musical genius, Sam River’s (Limp Bizkit) Born Recording Studios in Jacksonville, Florida. Together with Born Studio’s Chris Flowers, Broussard and Foster produced a 12 track project that will be entitled “All Alone.” In 2008 the band added Nathan Miller on lead guitar and backing vocals to the lineup after Pj left to begin promoting the release of his rock band’s new album. Inspite of three weeks spent in Florida recording, the guys have still had the time and pleasure to open for Roger Creager, Brandon Rhyder, Wade Bowen, Stoney LaRue and the Eli Young Band over the past year. The Blue Broussard Band has headlined Antone’s in Beaumont many times and played across Texas with the Jaimie Talbert Band, Danielle Powers, the Slow Rollin’ Lows and the Kene Terry Band. Blue also maintains a consistent schedule of singer songwriter acoustic performances in order to help advance his songwriting skills, including a performance at RFT’s Rowdy Float Trip ‘08. The first single from “All Alone” debuts to radio on September 2, 2008. The track “England” combines the feel of a power ballad, a dancehall classic with the emotion of personal songwriting. A music video produced by the band and Ted Borel will also showcase this exceptional new track. Look for the release of “All Alone” Thanksgiving weekend of 2008. The CD will be available from the band’s e-store and Lone Star Music, as well as digital download from iTunes and every major electronic distributor. The band will be working hard to promote the single and the new album in the coming months. So look for the guys in your favorite drinkin’ hole, dance hall and on your radio.
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Blue Broussard  04/17/2009            
New videos up on youtube!
Blue Broussard  03/17/2009            
This CD rocks! These guys should be getting way more recognition. You won't be disapointed.
Blue Broussard  01/12/2009            
Don't knock it 'til you tried it! All these guys combined have great energy onstage. I can't wait for them to get out on the road to promote the album! I don't think they are trying to be "every genre under the sun", they bring together a wide variety in taste and it shows in the music. 1 star for self production? Let's see you put that kind of effort into something Matt. 5 stars are coming from those of us who've seen them live!
Blue Broussard  01/11/2009            
shameless self promotion earns you 1 star...I mean seriously why are you getting multiple 5 star ratings all of the sudden? Ridiculous
Blue Broussard  01/08/2009            
well hal...i honestly must say you surprise me. i don't see you on any texas country music websites, radio, or anything else. these guys are great and are going places. just because you don't care for a band doesn't mean you should sit here and diss these guys. they put on great shows and they all are great guys.
Blue Broussard  01/07/2009            
Busty Boudreaux
Sweet Hal! Those are bankers hours. The guys are bound to love that kinda gig if music doen't turn out to be what they're gonna do. Chances are I don't think they're goin away. Yay! This band is fun and Blue is HAWT!
Blue Broussard  01/06/2009            
Another crappy band that thinks they're talented enough to be every genre under the sun! Don't tell me you're americana and southern rock and country and everything in me, this band will be working 8-5's within 3 years
Blue Broussard  01/06/2009            
Well Ryan Bergeron, when you write a song please let us know! And when you get a cd Id love to review it! I love when people post reviews about things they have no idea about.
Blue Broussard  01/05/2009            
If you dont have this album...BUY IT! These guys are the best band Ive ever seen live. They opened for Ragweed recently and the crowd went nuts. I gave them 5 stars because it wouldnt go to ten. Get this cd and definelty go see them live if you get a chance.
Blue Broussard  01/02/2009            
Ryan Bergeron
im not sure who this band is but they are great. but the singer is not very good at all. i would have to say the music could go along way if they had a voice worth taking it
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