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Blue October has made it their life’s work to probe below the surface, to expose the disfigured emotions behind the everyday masks. As the Texas-based band’s new Brando/Universal album, HISTORY FOR SALE, makes clear, Blue October wields honesty like a bayonet, and they’re not afraid to draw blood. Comprised of singer/songwriter Justin Furstenfeld, violinist Ryan Delahoussaye, guitarist C.B. Hudson, and drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld, Blue October has already amassed a large army of fans in the Southwest and beyond. With the release of HISTORY FOR SALE, those numbers should increase many fold. Produced by Justin Furstenfeld , Blue Miller (India.Arie, Aaron Neville, Tanya Tucker) and David Castell (The Buck Pets, Cottonmouth Texas), the new album tackles many challenging themes, from depression to child abuse to the multiple risks of love. Musically, the band takes chances, with Hudson’s “rock god” guitar style dovetailing with Delahoussaye’s artful string arrangements. At the heart of Blue October, however, is Justin’s evocative vocals and searing, unforgettable songwriting. This songwriting has a powerful effect on the Blue October’s legion of devoted fans, some calling their experiences “heartbreakingly beautiful” and others commenting on the complexity of the material as providing an opportunity for “constant discovery.” Blue October mines the dark realities of everyday life and lays them bare for all to hear. The intense “Ugly Side,” with its violin and flamenco flourishes, sets the pace. Tracks like “Clumsy Card House,” “A Quiet Mind,” and “Calling You” topple most love song conventions, blurring the line between true connection and mere desperation. Others, like “Razorblade,” “Somebody,” and “Sexual Powertrip” reveal the band’s unassailable rock ‘n’ roll instincts. The album’s brilliant closer, “Amazing,” mimics the inner monologue of a young man uncertain of the heart’s true intentions. That kind of truth-telling defined Blue October from the start. The genesis of the band goes back to the Houston high school days of Justin and his friend Ryan Delahoussaye, who would team up on arrangements of their original songs. Though initially captivated by theater and poetry, Justin redirected his creative energies into music. With brother Jeremy added as drummer, Blue October was quickly up and running. The band released a debut indie CD, THE ANSWERS, in the early 90s, while also touring. In time, they shared the bill with acts like Incubus, Papa Roach, 311, Stone Temple Pilots among others. Eventually, the band signed with Universal Records, releasing CONSENT TO TREATMENT in 2001. That album drew national attention, leading to a management deal with Rainmaker Artists. From there, Blue October toured nonstop, making friends from coast to coast. Says Justin, “We went all over, again and again. If you keep riding the wave, keep speaking your peace, they’ll remember you.” The band briefly left Universal, put out HISTORY FOR SALE regionally on Brando Records, then came full circle by forging a partnership for HISTORY’s national release between Brando and Universal. “We’re excited about working together again,” says Justin of the band’s joint relationship with Universal and Brando “We hugged, kissed, made amends, and now we’re having the best sex ever.” With HISTORY FOR SALE out, a grueling tour schedule set, and the song “Calling You” slated for inclusion on the “American Pie 3" soundtrack, the months ahead look promising for Blue October. But the band remains focused on what’s most important. “All I do is write,” says Justin. Since he never stops writing, it looks like the well will never run dry for Blue October. Given the depth and scope of their music, that’s a good thing. For as the band’s new album shows, history may be for sale, but never honor, never spirit, never soul.
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Blue October  03/11/2015            
I just keep getting surprised by this band. Their music is maturing along with them, and I can't help but feel that they are pretty under rated. Anybody who is open to some new music should give them a chance, they won't regret it. Can't wait to see them during their 2015 tour. Got the schedule info on
Blue October  03/07/2007            
I like the song "Hate Me" it to me tells a story about alife that has been hard for him to live with and . My mom likes the song to. She always truns it up when we haer it and it an't often . we would like to haer it more often . I like to haer on VH1 on the top 20 countdown . please I love his song
Blue October  03/01/2007            
I started listening to Blue October in the Spring of 2006. It wasn't until I saw them live that I was truly hooked though. Since their show here in Minneapolis back in August of last year I have purchased all of their CD's, their DVD, and have seen 2 other live performances. One of which I drove 6 hours to Nebraska to catch! I absolutely love this band and am with them through and through. I was able to get the opportunity to actually meet the band at the last venue I went to, and can say they are bunch of real genuine guys. I consider myself a true Blue Meanie! If you haven't checked them out yet, I would highly recommend digging back further than their 'Foiled' album. Particularly their 'History For Sale' release (that one is probably my favorite). As for me I wish I known about this band sooner. But they are the right band for this time in my life. I anticipate watching them for years to come. I just cannot get enough :)
Blue October  08/09/2006            
once you listen to every lyric that justin sings, you become tranced. you know his feelings and you can see his heart...then when you watch him perform he does these twiches and shakes, that reminds you that he is just as scratched up as all of us...
Blue October  07/07/2006            
sick of Vinny
Hey vinny said cody is cool I guess now it is ok if I like CCRW too.
Blue October  07/07/2006            
I added Blue October just to irritate Vinny a bit. Up next - Eisley (drop the Mos).
Blue October  07/06/2006            
Sick of Vinny
Any person that spends all of their days speaking in the third person, first of all...oh my gosh lack of a life perhaps? I respect that you were going to give Blue October a shot, but really who are you to think you can decide if they belong on this site? They started out in San Marcos and have been on here for a LONG time. They used to play all over Texas, now they have a larger fan base and play a lot of other states as well. But some on the other bands you listed didn't start out like they did, thus why they are NOT on the site :) have a nice BLUE OCTOBER day ;)
Blue October  07/03/2006            
why do all of you texas music loving , bandwagon jumping, snobs get a life. how did you end up on blue octobers artist page if you dont know who they are?? did you start at the a's and go down looking through all of the bands to see if their music synchs up to each other?? just thank the person who put them on here so you "texas music" ragweed lovers could learn about a new band that doesnt play a C D G chord progression on 8 out of 10 songs
Blue October  05/25/2006            
I absolultey Love Blue October. I finaly bought Foil this week and i listen to it all the time. I admit though i havent really heard of them before now, though Calling You seems really familiar. It was big so i probably have heard it. And i agree with the other reviewer, Hate Me is a good song and is blowing up the charts rigth now but they have so many much better songs on the album. I cant wait for the next single to come out. Oh and btw, to the other review who said they didnt know how B.O. Fit in on this site, not sure but im prety sure it has to do with the fact that B.O. is from Texas ... maybe im wrong i duno
Blue October  05/02/2006            
B.O. is decent enough to get a little airplay on every "EDGE" radio station across the country till it gets played out and forgotten about like every other flavor of the month band, so kudos to them for that much. However, B.O. is about as "Texas Music/Red Dirt" or whatever you wanna call it as the Flaming Lips are to "Oklahoma Music". In other words...It's NOT!! (Not to sound as if B.O. is anywhere close to the Lips level, since the FL's are legendary musical geniuses). If this site is just gonna start adding ANY band that calls Texas it's "home" base, then how bout adding some Union Underground, Pitbull Daycare, or Broken Teeth? Where's Beyonce? She's from Houston too!! Again, congrats to B.O. for it's rise to the tops of the Alternative/College music charts and the appearance on Jay Leno... Perhaps Depeche Mode will give you a look see sometime. Have a nice Ragweed Day!!
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