Bob Simpson

Bob Simpson
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Texas based singer/ songwriter, Bob Simpson creates tales of life & love. If you had to put a label on him it would be “Americana”. His songs are a melding of the old & new. Bob’s songwriting influences are a crazy quilt of past and present greats: Hank, Townes and Dylan…Ryan Adams and Cory Brannan. Bob absorbs it all and looks to carry the torch to the next generation with classics of his own. Born and raised in West Texas, Bob remembers when he was just 2 years old and his dad played him a Merle Haggard album. That’s all it took. He was hooked on classic country….Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Marty Robbins, George Jones, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, just to name a few. When Bob was15, he read about Eric Clapton teaching himself to play guitar at 17, so (no money to afford lessons) he taught himself to play guitar. Later on, listening to James Iha’s “ Let It Come Down” and Ryan Adams (writing with Whiskeytown), he was inspired to write. We all have questions and doubts about life and love. Bob’s songs give us an insightful look at the sacrifices, challenges and consequences of living. Bob Simpson’s first cd was released on Aug. 1st on Wayfair Records.
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Average Rating : 4.9              Total Reviews: 12

Bob Simpson  10/27/2008            
Laura H
huge success! very heartfelt, well written and well played!
Bob Simpson  10/24/2008            
Walker T.
Bob Simpson rocks my face off! His music is original, meaningful and soulful. With combinations like that how could you not love this album??
Bob Simpson  10/22/2008            
Best music I have heard all year. Bob's voice is very rich and soulful. Great CD.
Bob Simpson  10/21/2008            
Mares : )
The whole album is FANTASTIC!!! Never before have I heard an Americana album with so much truth in the songs! Bob's CD will take you through a journey about life, love, tragedy, and hope. It's a journey I think we all can definitely relate to. Congratulations Bob!!!
Bob Simpson  10/21/2008            
Terry Mills
Bob has a certain magic in the way he writes and performs. How you can feel good after hearing these beautiful and sad songs? I don't know how, but I do....
Bob Simpson  10/20/2008            
by R. P. Beasley
Makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Hasn't happened since Lowell George left us. "A Million Times" is a sure hit in my book. Listen up people!!
Bob Simpson  10/20/2008            
T Gozney Thornton
Very introspective songwriter. His songs make me melancholy and wistfull..they make me "feel" and this is a good thing!!
Bob Simpson  10/20/2008            
Luke Jackson
Bob's cd is great. I really like his songwriting and voice.
Bob Simpson  10/20/2008            
Andy Killingsworth
I have known Bob as a friend and fellow songwriter for almost ten years now. This cd will speak to your heart and mind in ways that language alone cannot. It is a musical parade of love, loss, and salvation, beautiful in every way. Buy it!
Bob Simpson  10/20/2008            
Jimmie Confer
What a toally awesome CD and a wonderful songwriter.
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