Bois d'Arcs

Bois d'Arcs
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Shayne Wimmer, lead singer/rhythm guitar; Chris Jessen, lead guitar; Ian Desmuke, drums; Joe Rickwa, bass; John Fredrick, keys

Hailing from the small North Texas town of Muenster, The Bois d'Arcs have been making their imprint on the Texas music scene for the past few years. Not really focussing on sticking to one genre, the sounds of blues, rock, country and soul can be heard in their music. So the next time you see their name on the billboard at your local watering hole, stop in and give them a listen. You won't be disappointed.

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Average Rating : 4.6              Total Reviews: 11

Bois d'Arcs  02/26/2008            
Excellent CD, bon petit groupe, mélodies qui arrachent ... yeap que du bon !!! Beaucoup de talent et d'avenir.
Bois d'Arcs  02/04/2008            
GREAT CD...No weak songs...every one stands on it's own...A breath of fresh air in this saturated Texas Country Scene
Bois d'Arcs  09/22/2007            
"Confused" is a moron! This is a GREAT album!
Bois d'Arcs  09/04/2007            
Why isn't anybody demanding anything from music anymore? It was hard times that demanded talent like Hank and Merle. And I suspect it will be hard times that demand more from our music than what we are getting from assembly line bands in the dying genre of "Texas Country" such as this one...
Bois d'Arcs  08/19/2007            
LeahAnn Salinas
Awesome CD, awesome live show, awesome voices, guitars, drums, all around EXCELLENT!!!! These guys are so down to earth and kind, on their way to the TOP!!! TEXAS COUNTRY ROCKS!!!
Bois d'Arcs  03/16/2007            
Really like this one, very unique and mature sound from these guys, entire recording really good, never hit the skip button
Bois d'Arcs  02/20/2007            
I am so glad that I purchased this cd. I don't usually comment on my purchases, but I couldn't stay silent on this one. If you want a great cd to listen to in your car, at home in your cd player, or just about anywhere, THIS IS THE ONE! You can't get enought of it! I really have to say I enjoy it. They really have a unique sound, unlike anything I've ever heard.
Bois d'Arcs  02/15/2007            
Absolutely love this album. Well written, the music is tight and it's just fun to listen to. Worth every penny.
Bois d'Arcs  11/19/2006            
These guys are good...they are young and pretty talented! They have a sort of rock sound to them with a little country attitude. I can't wait to see them live. Check them out, you'll more than likely fall in love with their sound!
Bois d'Arcs  10/26/2006            
Red Dirt Road mom
I LOVE their new cd! It was very well done & Shayne's vocals are so awesome! I can really see this band headed for good things in their future! If you haven't heard it...GET IT!! YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!! You KNOW Mama wouldn't lie to you when it comes to good music!! They have got what it takes to make it big!!
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