Bottle Rockets

Bottle Rockets
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THE BOTTLE ROCKETS remain one of the most steel-solid bands amongst the greatest of rural-rock trailblazers. The St. Louis, Missouri outfit long regarded and adored as THE workingman's rock band have hit a creative high water mark with a new homecoming record that is at once their most spirited and finely honed. Zoysia is the latest sample of the Bottle Rockets' tenaciousness, their eighth album and second release on Bloodshot Records. Produced by Jeff Powell at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis and captured largely in two or three takes in a city with its own kind of groove. Coming out on the heels of a litany of knee-jerking changes measuring 4-years deep, this album finds the band (Brian Henneman --guitar/ vocals, Mark Ortmann --drums, John Horton --guitar, and newest and final member, Keith Voegele bass/vocals) the proudest they've ever been of any other recorded works. The Bottle Rockets channel some serious cascading Crazy Horse squall, they nail the scruffy romantic, dirty fingernail rock of the Midwest and soak up the soulful vibes that ooze from the cement blocks in Memphis studios. Lyrically, the band's underdog outlook finds the optimism and the resignation behind worlds faraway, or just on the other side of the screen door. Add it all up and what you get is something that's all its own, something that is pure Bottle Rockets.
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Bottle Rockets  07/19/2006            
Jon McWilliams
The Rockets are the absolute best thing thats happened to real music ever. Their new cd Zoysa just came out and in true Bottle Rockets form, it kicks ass. Pick up a cd. You won't be sorry.
Bottle Rockets  01/03/2003            
This review pretty much covers all of their CDs. They're my favorite band of the last 10 years or so (Reckless Kelly and Slobberbone are close) and, live or on tape, they rock ass. Anyone in Texas should be proud to call these boys adopted superstars.
Bottle Rockets  03/24/2002            
Kirk Lockhart
Awesome. This CD is currently my #1 for the year (2002) and I expect it to finish in the top 5 easy. Doug Sahm would be proud.
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