Boyce Edwards Band

Boyce Edwards Band
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The Boyce Edwards Band is constructed of three brothers. Boyce, Dustin, and Toby Edwards. Boyce, the oldest is the singer/songwriter. Dustin in the middle plays the drums. Toby Edwards, the yougest, plays bass guitar and sings harmony vocals. The Edwards boys were raised in a very musical family. Thier father has been playing the guitar since he was young but the three brothers conceived thier musical genes from thier grandfather who was an acceptional musician. The BEB as we know it was formed in January of 2004 in a church building in Athens, Texas. After two years of hard work and dedication, the Boyce Edwards Band entered the studio with "Red Dirt Rockstar" Mike McClure to produce thier debut record entitled "Gone" set to release in October. The Boyce Edwards Band is currently looking for a Lead Guitarist. For more information contact us via myspace.
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Average Rating : 4.8              Total Reviews: 37

Boyce Edwards Band  04/23/2009            
These guys are awesome. If you don't have it check out their cd GONE. you can get it at!! These guys rock!!
Boyce Edwards Band  04/10/2009            
These guys are back again. They are loud and give an awesome show!! You definately don't want to miss their upcoming show at Click's Billiards in Tyler, Texas on May 1st!!
Boyce Edwards Band  04/04/2009            
Megan Moon
Hey to all who read...Boyce Edwards Band is playing together once again. You can catch their first upcoming show at Click's in Tyler, Tx on May 1st!!
Boyce Edwards Band  04/18/2008            
Brandi Noel
I fell in love with the Boyce Edwards Band's music from the moment I first heard their Gone cd. I listen to their music everyday and love their voice and the way their music talks about life's journeys. Their music is awesome and i am always burning their cd for friends to have and enjoy.. BEB, ya'll rock!!
Boyce Edwards Band  06/24/2007            
You guys are amazing. I know alot of hard work went into this album, and it WILL pay off. Book some more gigs, I'm ready for another show!!! :)
Boyce Edwards Band  04/30/2007            
Damn good sound! I will be purchasing this cd! Good Job!
Boyce Edwards Band  04/02/2007            
Donald McCrackin
If Duran Duran and Steve Wariner went to a Turkish bath house and listened to ABBA over the intercom while singing Anne Murray at the top of their lungs. Yeah, it's kinda like that. Pure Bliss!
Boyce Edwards Band  02/02/2007            
-BEB- Groupy
Love the CD but does not compair to the Live Show. Blown away @ Blanco's. "Turn it down" hell. Pump it up Guys!!!!!! ***************Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boyce Edwards Band  01/28/2007            
Tx. Music Lover
This band is the real deal, both their live performance and their album are astonishing!
Boyce Edwards Band  01/27/2007            
Wichita Native
Loved the new cd guys. You played one hell of a show last night! I hope to see yall around soon! Six stars from me
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