Brandon Dobbs

Brandon Dobbs
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A native of west Texas, Brandon Dobbsí music is as truthful and simple as the land heís proud to call home. Although trained musically as a child on the piano, it wasnít until his final years as a student at Texas A&M that he picked up a guitar and gave writing a try. ďI was back home from college, working a summer job in the oil-field. I had been banging around on a guitar for a year or so, trying to write and play the same old stuff everyone else was playing. I was just at that stage in my life where I didnít really know where I was going, I was about to graduate from school, had a promising future and my whole life ahead of me, and felt more lost than ever. Thatís when the song Bird On A Wire came to life. I later learned Johnny Cash wrote a song with the same title, made me feel pretty good. I wonít say itís the best song on the album, but I just had to record it, felt like everything spawned from that one song. I feel like music helped me find myself, get it all out there and off my chest. I guess thatís when I decided I was gonna write, and play how I wanted to. Do this my way and hope just hope that people would dig it.Ē Well, writing and playing the way he wanted to sounded pretty good to some other folks too. In the winter of 2005 Brandon ran into an old friend, Jeremy Watkins, who was playing fiddle in a band that had a show in the area. ďI had known Jeremy from high school, and would see him when he came through College Station playing for one of the many Texas Music Artists heís played with. I told him what I had been doing, gave him this demo I made in a friend of my dadís little studio. My dadís buddy plays in a Tejano band, he had this little studio, his son ran the knobs. It got the job done, that was all that really mattered. It was fun, a good experience.Ē A local radio station played a few tracks off that demo, and few gigs resulted from it. Just enough to let Brandon know he wanted more. ďI just couldnít get enough, the first night I set foot on stage I was nervous as hell, and it showed! But I just played my songs, got a good response, just made me want it that much more.Ē Jeremy and Brandon later made plans to record an album. ďHe told me we were going down to Holland, Tx to record at Awesome Works Recording with Steve Palousek, I didnít really know anything about where we were going, or who was involved, I trusted Jeremy would do his best, with the best people he could find, and he did!Ē Steve is no stranger to Texas Music, heís worked with Cross Canadian Ragweed and guys like Mike McClure. Jeremy played fiddle and produced the album, Steve Palousek, Steve Allison, and Rankin Peters made up the studio band, in just a few short months the project was finished. ďWe just went in and recorded, tried each tune a couple different ways, let Ďem fall where they may kind of deal, it turned out good, Iím very pleased. They were experienced, and easy to work with, helped me out a lot.Ē The album is now available and entitled ďTime Will TellĒ. So, where is this all going, whatís next for Dobbs, as most people know him? ďI just want to make good music, write songs people will hear and think, man Iíve been there, I know what this song is about. I guess just put stuff out there thatís straight from the heart, music people can relate to. I think that is what is missing the most in todayís mainstream music world. I hope it leads to another album, I figure as long as people are listening, Iíll keep on playing, I donít think Iíll ever quit writing, if itís anything else thatís great, but itís therapy for me too. Kinda helps take the edge off you know. Some people do that with a bottle or pay a shrink, I figure this way I wonít become a drunk, and I wonít have to pay a therapist.Ē So maybe this will go somewhere, thatís up the listeners, but hey, ďTime Will TellĒ.
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Brandon Dobbs  07/10/2009            
Absolutely love the CD. I'll run the neighbors off and you and Carter move back in and start playing in the garage again. If you haven't heard these guys, they kick serious ACE!!!
Brandon Dobbs  06/14/2008            
Bryan Long
Hey Dobber ... Its been a while ... Love the CD ... When are you coming to Midland??
Brandon Dobbs  05/15/2008            
Dobber - You are the bombero....on fire! We have your CD playin in our office all day long!
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