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Brandon Steadman Band
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Every artist gets asked when it was they got the itch to play, well for Brandon Steadman he could give that credit to a random “Morrow Monday Night” at Antone’s in Austin. Steadman’s older sister snuck the then 17 year old in that night and the rest of the story unfolds from there.

“It was never about being a rockstar for me.” Steadman says, “it was the acoustic atmosphere, it was more the friends sitting around telling stories part that I liked, that’s what really gave me the bug to play.”

So at 17 he pulled out that old Junior Classical guitar that Dad bought him at 12 years old and took to learning as many chords as possible. Coming from a family of natural performers, him and his siblings were always harmonizing and acting up! Whether it was his mom’s country tastes like Randy Travis and Clay Walker, the occasional James Taylor song, or trips with his dad jamming southern rock classics from Lynryd Skynrd and Boston, there was always music playing throughout his life.

“It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that my dad finally let me quit playing that junior classical guitar and bought me my first ‘real’ guitar. That’s the guitar I started writing all my songs on. I give our lead guitarist and my best friend Jorge a lot of credit because he was about 6 months ahead of me on learning guitar and taught me a ton.”

Brandon will quickly tell you that his guitar playing wasn’t always welcome when he started college. “They use to say ‘here’s that dude with that guitar again’, but by sophomore year they actually would ask for me to play at the end of the night” The show that really turned the corner for the newly founded Brandon Steadman Band, was the “South of The Border” party at their Sigma Chi House. At that point they realized that this was meant to be more than just a place to have fun, but that music was in their blood.

At a random gig, Brandon Steadman had the opportunity to meet Kevin Lorensen. The off chance meeting turned into a lifelong partnership between the two. What was supposed to be less than a handful of shows to fill in, turned a permanent position and a huge step in the right direction for the band. “Kevin had toured in bands previously and really knew a lot more than us and brought more professional knowledge to the table that we really didn’t know” recalls Steadman.

Not long after the addition of Lorensen, the band made a trip to Austin to record its first album “Front Row Seat”. “We spent all we had on that album and it was good, well as good as a first record can be, but I’ll tell you, it’s the best record that you’ll never be able to get again — and I mean that!” The new record opened up opportunities outside of the college bar circuit, helping land gigs in the Historic Stockyards and all over the state of Texas.

The next few years became the true test of growth and craftsmanship. Brandon took to studying the craft of songwriting and wore out albums from all his favorite influencers; Wade Bowen, James Taylor, Clay Walker, Will Hoge and Sean McConnell. A chance to gig with Joey Green helped put gasoline on the fire that Brandon was creating. “We really had different styles — writing, personality and everything, so the fact that we became such good friends is a mystery to me” says Steadman. But that’s exactly what the band needed to get the next album, “Recovery”, in motion.

“Recovery” was set to be an organic record and truly took form trough out the recording process. “We really didn’t want to rush anything. We wanted to build it as it happened and if it wasn’t working, we didn’t want to force the issue on anything. We didn’t want to make another “Texas Country” record. We wanted to make sure we made a “Brandon Steadman Band” record, and lucky for us — Joey got that and offered to produce the record for us”.

The past two years have been a wild ride for the Brandon Steadman Band. Signing on with newly founded Black Bear Management to handle their management and promotion and inking a deal with Smith Entertainment, things are really moving in the right direction for this group of musicians.


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02/20/2014 - Brandon Steadman Band Partners with Smith Entertainment - Read More
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Brandon Steadman Band  04/22/2014            
Great album, amazing live show...check out the best new up and coming Texas country artist!
Brandon Steadman Band  03/08/2014            
I love this band!!!!
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