Bri Bagwell

Bri Bagwell
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Bri Bagwell is real country music, and what country music should strive to be. She is an independent artist without a record deal, and without management. Her popularity is derived 100% by word of mouth and her raw talent. This grass roots effort is rare these days; it speaks to her infectious music and appeal. She fell in love with music at an early age, and started playing in a band with her older brothers while just a teenager growing up in New Mexico. A couple of weeks after turning 18, she moved to Austin, TX to study at UT and begin her music career in the live music capital of the world. Late nights, rowdy Texas crowds, and being alone on stage with just a guitar shaped her onstage charismatic charm. She learned to gain a crowd’s attention with her beautiful voice, singing songs she wrote herself. She earned a degree in Marketing from UT, but did not enter the corporate world. Instead, she pulled together some outstanding musicians, and now tours with a full band. Her first CD, “Banned from Santa Fe”, released June 2011, sold through the first printing, and is gaining traction very quickly among music fans. Bri Bagwell was the only female artist on the Texas Music Chart for a few weeks with her single, also titled “Banned from Santa Fe.” In the internet age with music coming at you from every type of media, it is harder and harder for artists to get attention. Bri Bagwell is not only gaining attention, but she is also drumming up excitement; and, she does it all without a million-dollar budget.

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Bri Bagwell  11/30/2015            
Cindy Blain
This girl is something else..I have all her CD and love them all.I go to every show she performs locally and let me tell us.. She puts on one heck of a performance. Love her music,her drive, her personality and let's not forget "The Banned". If you haven't seen or heard her yet you are really missing something!
Bri Bagwell  11/30/2015            
Cindy Blain
I love this whole CD. Bri Bagwell is just awesome! I sure wish the radio stations here locally (CC, TX) would play this girl's music more. She has such talent and needs to be heard!!
Bri Bagwell  06/03/2015            
Just heard her latese When a Heart Breaks C.D. WOW I want more !! Big things comming her way.
Bri Bagwell  08/01/2013            
Great songs, great writing, great voice and band... New single " Hound Dog" is going to be big!!
Bri Bagwell  02/18/2013            
D. Lyons
Bri is amazing! Love her music!! Exit Signs is my fav!!!
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