Brison Bursey Band

Brison Bursey Band
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Brison Bursey was born in Quanah, Texas on October 7, 1983, and shortly thereafter his musical talents began to appear. He initially started with scattered trash can lids or pots and pans to bang together. Later Brison's music was fueled by a karaoke machine for Christmas. Throughout school Brison was active in football, golf and FFA but he was never far from his music. He joined a band his senior year with some home town friends from the school marching band. They played in and around Quanah for friends and family and eventually performed in front of 10,000 people at the Texas State FFA Talent Contest at the Fort Worth Coliseum. In 2002 he was elected as the State FFA Officer from Area IV, where he spent his first year of college traveling around Texas on speaking engagements and visiting FFA Chapters at high schools. In 2003 with his obligation completed he moved to College Station, Texas where he performed on open mic nights and joined new bands. With these bands he had the opportunity to open for acts such as Stoney Larue, Doug Moreland and Max Stalling. Brison began writing songs of his own with much lyrical and musical success. Brison has a wide variety of musical influences that include Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Kurt Cobain, Lyle Lovett and Ray Wylie Hubbard. Continuing his college career in Huntsville, Texas at Sam Houston State University, with graduation near Brison is currently pursuing a Major in English and a Minor in History. He has had good work ethics juggling music, school and a full time job; he is no stranger to hard work. In January 2007 Brison formed The Brison Bursey Band and they have gone on the share the stage with Charlie Robison, The South Austin Jug Band, Shy Blakeman and Brandon Rhyder. The Brison Bursey Band won a battle of the bands in April this year on KORA FM 98.3 in College Station, Texas, which earned them a spot to perform at the 2007 Northgate Music Fest. In May Brison was chosen in the top 4 singer/songwriters for the Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, Texas. Recently in September this year, The Brison Bursey Band was chosen 2nd in a Battle of The Bands for KOLI FM 104.7 in Wichita Falls, Texas, performing all their new songs. Brison and the band have completed their debut album "Bigger Sky" featuring singles "Don't Go", "Heartache", "I Ain't Alone" and the title track "Bigger Sky". This album will showcase Brison's talent as a singer/songwriter as he delivers a hard driving rock and roll song or a love song that showcases his textured vocals and harmonies. The project was produced by singer/songwriter Keith Davis, an outstanding guitar player in the music industry. The album is set for release late in 2007. The Brison Bursey Band includes Brison, lead vocals and guitar, John Mitchell, lead guitar and harmony vocals, Robert Morton, bass guitar and Seth Novak, percussion and harmony vocals. With the wide range of musical influences, everyone is sure to find something they will enjoy at the live shows, whether it is Texas Country or Southern Rock, The Brison Bursey Band's music with true to life lyrics, seasoned vocals and three part harmonies will excite and entertain you.
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Average Rating : 4.2              Total Reviews: 17

Brison Bursey Band  08/04/2018            
Great new talent out there; good songwriter and performs his own songs really well; interaction with audience is awesome. One word comes to mind to describe newcomer Brison Bursey...FANTASTIC
Brison Bursey Band  03/18/2010            
Ashley S.
I heard this cd on the galleywinter music player and can't wait to get a copy I can listen to whenever. it has a really cool sound!
Brison Bursey Band  03/10/2010            
Brison's new cd Expectations and Parking Lots is phenomenal! When April 6th comes around i highly recommend everyone checking it out.
Brison Bursey Band  11/05/2009            
This CD Is One Of The Best I Own. Every Track Is A Keeper. Buy This One !!
Brison Bursey Band  09/18/2009            
I bought the Bigger Sky cd a few weeks ago and listen to it over and over. I love it. Not a bad song on it, in my opinion. I have reccommended it to several friends and they all love it too.
Brison Bursey Band  09/18/2009            
I have seen these guys several times and really like their cd. Hope to see them again soon!
Brison Bursey Band  08/20/2009            
Brison has an amazing voice. His songs are well written and very diverse. His live shows are energetic and very entertaining. He interacts with crowds, and rarely misses a beat. I'm not sure what those 3 negative reviews are about but notice how they mysteriously appeared on the same day. Rock on Brison!
Brison Bursey Band  07/29/2009            
I heard the cd and thought it sounded ok, but I went to see them live and it just didn't sound good at all. There was no stage presence at all.
Brison Bursey Band  07/29/2009            
A friend of mine gave me this cd to listen to because he knew I liked Texas Country. This is not exactly what I would call Texas Country, not raw enough. His voice sounds good, but the writing is like listening to a bad cat in the hat book.
Brison Bursey Band  07/29/2009            
Heard the cd the other day and it was ok. It just seemed kinda stock for my taste. If you like the Nashville sound you'll probably love this album. If you're looking for something a little more real, you'll probably be disappointed.
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