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Burnett Jones
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A true Austin original, Burnett Jones is a Texas Country band with solid "Traditional Country" roots and an "Alt-Country" feel. The band's sound is unique and their shows are nothing short of a great party you don't want to miss. Wade and Dionne Burnett's sibling harmonies have been described as "reminiscent of the 1970's duo Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris". Great vocals coupled with the musical direction of lead guitarist, Chad Jones, are sure to keep the tonk a rompin' and the dancers on the dance floor. "Burnett Jones, a true kick ass family band, in the foot steps of someone else we know. Their song writing, and musical talents are a giant Texas step ahead of their time. God Bless great Texas music. Maybe someday the rest of the world will wake up and listen!" Poodie Locke (Willie Nelson Family) Their debut album, Twist Off, was recorded and co-produced by Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studio in Floresville, TX. A veteran of country music, Tommy Detamore was instrumental in bringing out the unique Burnett Jones sound that they hope will continue to catch on. "...when I listen to their latest album, I want to head out to the closest honky tonky, grab a cool beer and dance the night away. Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed." John Owens (Manager Kevin Fowler) The Austin music scene has long been known for its tradition of high standards: Great fans, live music and song writing. Burnett Jones has a strong sense of where they come from and where they are headed, and they are working very hard to keep great tradition. The End
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Average Rating : 5              Total Reviews: 7

Burnett Jones  10/11/2011            
Fred B.
Very smooth and soulful. Excellent production and great vocals. Really diggin' this.
Burnett Jones  08/18/2011            
like the sounds
Burnett Jones  04/14/2008            
Megan O
This is a true Texas band! They are more than entertaining and their music speaks for itself! One of my favorite Austin groups! Check them out!!!!
Burnett Jones  03/29/2008            
Johnny Hondo
Great group of folks putting out some awesome music! Catch them live soon.....they are always working on new songs and continue to define the sound on their own terms. They are evolving quite nicely so don't miss the party!
Burnett Jones  03/14/2008            
I aint real sure what Texas "alt" country is, but this damn band feels like Texas and sounds like life. Great party, great people, lots of fun!
Burnett Jones  03/14/2008            
Great CD! It hasn't left my CD player since I got it. If you are looking for a true example of Texas Alt Country pick this up. You won't be sorry.
Burnett Jones  03/13/2008            
Big A
The Burnett Jones band is the best thing that has hit the Texas Music Scene in a longtime. Traditional, Old school, and New school country Music; they can do it all and they do it well. Their first CD (Twist Off) gets constant play in my car and on my iPod. In this day and age, it is refreshing to hear a band that plays good country music. If you ever get a chance to see them live in concert you will not be disappointed and will not want to leave the dance floor.
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