Callahan Divide

Callahan Divide
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The term ‘come about’ is an old buccaneer phrase meaning to change direction, go into the wind, prepare for battle.  That is just what Callahan Divide is doing with their new EP, aptly named “Come About”.  These four guys from west Texas have been making music for years, but you’ve probably never heard of them.  Flying under the radar they have come out, guns blazing with their new release.  The first single off of the album is a song written by front man Colton Fox and although the title is “Happy”, a happy song it is not.  A rocking, turn up the volume, roll the windows down and sing along to every angry word song is what you will find.  The Vision Entertainment promoted tune will have you begging for more, and that is just what you’ll get. “Cut & Run” is another turn up the volume track that keeps the momentum going.  Don’t get comfortable though, because next is “Pirate”; a whole new sound with Garrett Bryan (Bass) taking the lead vocals over and Jon Knudson (Whiskey Myers) on piano and organ.  Finishing off the album is “Cast Me Away” and the band penned tune “White Rock Lady” that makes you think that it just turned into a rock album. Produced by Kolbe Elston (Six Market Blvd.’s former Sound Man) in his first project as lead producer, “Come About” is one of those album that grabs you by the throat from the first beat and doesn’t let you go until you finally turn it off repeat.   Recorded at 7 Pillar Studios in Cisco, Texas; it has a live feel rarely heard from bands so early in their careers.  It is obvious to the ears that these guys are a band of brothers, they lock in, get the job done and have a damn good time in the process.  Just stop by one of their live shows if you don’t believe it, you can’t help but have a good time.

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