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The Casey Donahew band blends the traditional style of country music with a little pop and rock-n-roll to give the music a unique sound that these boys have created in their eagerness to bring a new sound to the music scene. There is no mystery behind the Casey Donahew Band. It is nothing more then a dream that is being brought to life through four guys who are all determined to see their dreams in the music industry come true. The Casey Donahew Band is finally beginning to master the goals they have set for themselves as musicians. The rich and powerful blend of strong vocals amazing lead guitar and solid rhythm sets this band apart from other musicians in their genre. The band is greatly influenced by Pat Green, Cross Canadian Ragweed and Jack Ingram. They are very true to their Texas roots and call their music pure Texas Country.
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09/22/2010 - Casey Donahew to headline Festival on the Square - Read More
02/28/2006 - Brahmas, 95.9 The Ranch and Coors Light to host Fan Appreciation Party - Read More
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Average Rating : 4.3              Total Reviews: 27

Casey Donahew Band  04/21/2012            
All y'all bashing have no taste in Texas Country, probably some nashville lovin punks
Casey Donahew Band  01/29/2012            
great songs!!! if u don't like CD your a corksoaker
Casey Donahew Band  01/09/2012            
not sheeple either...
I was forced to give this artist one star unfortunately I could not give him zero. I recently listened to some his songs. His vocal is distracting and borderline atrocious, his lyrics are trite and amateur at best, and honestly make me wonder if he wrote them with a crayon. But hey, just my opinion. Music is an art and not a science. If this is what your into then by all means rock Casey out! But if you want thoughtful lyrics and an interesting melody, i respectfully suggest you move on to some of the artist the like-minded reviewer suggested below.
Casey Donahew Band  12/28/2011            
Not one of the sheep
Please people open your eyes and ears! Do not dare say this is Texas Country. This is garbage. The guy can't sing at all. The band is great but anyone can pay for a great band. The lyrics are terrible and childish. It's a joke. Do yourself a favor and actually find out what Texas music is actually about. SONGWRITING!! It's not about being 16 and drinking underage. Go buy a Ray Wylie, Robert Earl Keen, Drive By Truckers, Adam Carroll, Max Stalling, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Slaid Cleaves, Mark David Manders, Sean McConnell(sp), Hayes Carll, Chris Knight or Steve Earle cd...that's music. And if this is what Texas Country has become...the Casey Donahew Band...I'd take Nashville any day! Funny thing is, is that the artists that started Texas Country rejected Nashville because of the freedoms that not being constrained to a particular sound or method have them. Not because of a lack of talent. Casey is here in Texas because he could never make it in Nashville if he wanted to. It's a fad. Also, using the crowd attendance as a rule of measure to ones talent is foolish. That would have made the Backstreet Boys a million times more talented than Merle Haggard. Not the case. Wake up please.
Casey Donahew Band  09/05/2011            
BEST. BAND. EVER. I prefer them live(:
Casey Donahew Band  01/19/2011            
CDB always makes bad days better
Casey Donahew Band  06/17/2010            
every one is great-get it
Casey Donahew Band  04/18/2010            
the best cd ever! CDB rocks it out, Angel is the best song on the CD
Casey Donahew Band  03/24/2010            
this cd is true texas country, you cant find this kind of music anywhere in the U.S.A, we do it so true and so real. and this cd is just proof we are what we say we are... the best! TX for Life
Casey Donahew Band  10/30/2009            
Jame in Ft Worth
Love this CD, Every song is great, doesn't leave my player.
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