Casey Hubble

Casey Hubble
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“The real deal” pretty much sums up Casey Hubble. He does it all; from writing the songs, to working the music business, to producing albums, and playing shows all across Texas. A growing group of loyal music believers are not only attracted to the songs Hubble writes but also the lifestyle he lives between his shows. These fans are a diverse group that are attracted to Hubble’s take on Country/Americana music. The younger party crowds favor one song while the more traditional country fans favor the next. Whichever demographic Hubble is playing for, he always keeps lyrical creativity and smooth style at the forefront. Ultimately Hubble’s rare, unique sound draws people to him and the background stories keep them wanting more.

Upon his graduation from The University of Texas at Austin, Hubble traded the fast-paced, big city lifestyle for a modest home at The Armadillo Farm in Luckenbach, Texas. No pavement, no Starbucks, no Internet for Hubble, just a constant field study of what it means to be an authentic Texas songwriter. Hubble fills most evenings under a starlit sky in Luckenbach, picking guitars with the locals and listening to his favorite artists; guys like Robert Earl Keen, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Bob Schneider, Hayes Carll, Willie, and others. There are few places in Texas that have acted as such a breeding ground for songwriters the way Luckenbach has. Hubble is one of the few great writers who can literally call this legendary Texas gem “home.”

“During college, I made a lot of great music but it had a few too many electric guitars and effects in it. I’ve really switched my direction by getting back to the basics…that’s why I live in Luckenbach, old guys telling stories and playing in three quarter time. You can’t write about things you don’t know or else you’re just another fake.”

Hubble’s “realness” amazes listeners of many demographics. Older couples can be seen two-stepping at his shows to Travis County Slow Dancing. College crowds raise beer cans and yell as he sings Austin Kind of Night. Every fan has their favorite song and you can see the conversations in the crowd being directed towards the stage as one person says “I love Hubbleberry Finn” and another says “but have you heard Party It Up, Jiggle It Down?” Usually the conversation is between two complete strangers who are excited to flaunt their knowledge of Casey’s songs and stories.

Hubble has the ability to mute car ride conversations or spark a sing along as his songs blare over the car stereo and he captivates his listeners lyrically and stylistically. On his 2011 album, Bipolar Six-String, Hubble not only wrote all the material, but produced and engineered the entire album as he brought in some of the most sought after musicians in the Texas music industry (just look at the credits). An occasional racy lyric or joke is a risk that he is willing to take in some of his songs depending on what crowd he is looking to please. Hubble knows how to entertain a party with upbeat music but he also has a keen instinct on when to slow it down. His lyrical integrity and style led The Daily Texan to rank The Casey Hubble Band as the #2 Best Band in Austin in Spring 2010.

Casey Hubble’s success is a product of many highway miles, many hours in the studio, and many campfire conversations with his fans and friends. He continues to write songs about what he lives through, he continues to impress crowds of all ages and backgrounds, and he continues to keep his music authentic and original. If you haven’t listened to him or gone to a show, he is well worth your while. When you share his music with everyone you know, you are laying the groundwork for a songwriting hero in the making!

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