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Cattywompus is a band dedicated to American Roots music. As diverse as America itself, so is the band's musical heritage. Whether it be Rock, Country, Blues, or Folk, no specific genre accurately pin points the band. The band is what the name means: not perfectly fitting in. By combining these styles with captivating lyrics Cattywompus has created a downhome feast that will soothe most any appetite. Having a deep appreciation for the artists that have inspired generations: from the earliest blues and folk singers Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, and Bob Dylan, and the country greats Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, to the 60's & 70's Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gram Parsons and Allman Brothers Band, and modern bands such as the Black Crowes, Tom Petty, Drive By-Truckers and Kings of Leon, Cattywompus has explored many musical directions, foraging its own path of songs expressing love, loss, salvation, war and freedom, and of course whiskey and women. All these themes come together on Cattywompus's debut album "Gospel Hymns and Original Sins" already spinning on americana radio.
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Cattywompus  06/20/2007            
I've been a fan of Cattywompus for a long time...Their music has such a blend of Southern Rock, Western Rock, Modern Country and Blues that they are really tough to classify... Having watched Aaron mature as a guitar player since about 1997 has been one hell of an experience... I predict these guys will not only go far, but be a name to be reckoned with in the next couple of years...
Cattywompus  06/20/2007            
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