Chad Johnson and Down 1450

Chad Johnson and Down 1450
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It's been six years now and Chad Johnson and Down 1450 are still around. With a new CD and new songs, they are ready to go to the next step. The live show is still their bread and butter, but they hope to really make some noise on the radio. With the support of their fans, the music keeps spreading and the live shows keep growing. It's hard to make it in this business with so many bands out there, but this band really stands out in the crowd. They like their classic country which if you play in Texas is a must. They also like the new brand of country, Texas country, Americana, or whatever you want to call it. They have taken the two sounds and combined them to make their own style, and hope that people will catch on. They like to play to old dance halls, where people dance all night then ask for more. They enjoy the beer joints and taverns where people go to just listen and relax. For the real good times try a private party, you won't be disappointed. Whenever you do get a chance to see them, say "hi and you will find out why their fan base grows. Some of the nicest guys out there, and (just like you) they are looking for a good time. Check them out...You Won't Be Sorry..
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Chad Johnson and Down 1450  05/22/2008            
Just got the CD last weekend, and have not stopped listening to it. If you have not seen them live, it is a must. Come back to Lubbock!
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