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Chancy Bernson
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As of 2016, Chancy Bernson has recorded and released 3 independent studio albums (I Did All This-2008, Changes-2010, This Time E.P.-2014) and is currently releasing #4 (Back In Time). Chancy wrote 36 of the 37 songs from all 4 albums. Upon his 4th release, Chancy has gathered 10 new originals tunes that are really some of his best work and songwriting to date. The opening track titled "Let Her Go" is a small taste of summer love in south Texas. The first radio release from this record is titled "Burning Up The Highway" which rocks through the weekend life of a band on the road. Catchy riffs, steel guitars and down to earth real lyrics make up what is sure to be Chancy's most memorable record yet. Chancy has fronted a 5 piece band for almost a decade and is surrounded by a very respectful community of musicians from his hometown of Amarillo, Texas. Still paying his dues, Chancy continues to play every festival, rodeo, dive and honky- tonk that will have him. Notable album cut milestones include: "Amarillo" (Changes)- Released as a radio single in 2011 and was in the Top 200 songs for that year. "Red Dirt Town"(Changes)- Was featured in a pilot episode on ABC for the TV show "GCB". "Change of Plans" (This Time E.P.)- Featured on an episode of the hit show "Nashville". Chancy has shared the stage with artists such as: Stoney Larue, Bleu Edmondson, No Justice, CooderGraw, William Clark Green, Tejas Brothers, Josh Abbott & Aaron Watson and many more.
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04/15/2016 - "Back In Time" 2016 - Read More
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