Chris Fullerton

Chris Fullerton
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Chris Fullerton was born and raised in Camden County, NJ. He learned to sing and play guitar at a young age, spending many childhood evenings participating in his family’s impromptu sing-alongs. At age seven, he had earned own cherished guitar, originally belonging to a beloved grandfather, and handed down to him by his mother. Chris’ first paid gigs were performing at local funerals, singing hymnals and playing ballads alongside his mother. He moved from home at the age of fifteen to a shared house in Philadelphia and took a job as a shipping agent at the Port. By splitting his nights between work and gigs, he was able to finish high school while playing in bands up and down the eastern seaboard. After graduation, Chris moved around the North Eastern U.S., busking, taking odd jobs, playing shows, collaborating with other musicians, and generally experiencing the rewards and pitfalls one might expect of a rowdy young rocker. He recorded his first album, “Six Songs of Labor”, at Moto Destructo in Providence, RI, with his good friend, Jay Berndt. By the age of 23, having found his own voice and style as a performer, Chris settled in Boston, MA and founded Chris Fullerton and the Chupacabras. With a renewed enthusiasm, and as lead to his own band, Chris’ music career found real traction, and a momentum growing alongside an established fan-base. However, with increasing frequency in the hours following a performance, Chris would find himself swallowed by a tight, nauseating darkness, only to wake many hours later in painful, wracked confusion. Driven by a growing mortal unease and a desire to further himself as a musician, Chris decided to fulfill his life-long dream of moving to Austin, hoping to make a name for himself on the storied Texas stage. Shortly after settling into his new home, it became clear that Chris was suffering from epilepsy, after new friends witnessed him having seizures. After a series of medical tests and procedures, he was diagnosed as having a sizable cerebral AVM (basically a large tangle of blood vessels in his brain) that was causing his recent epilepsy and other various neurological problems. Expecting the birth of his son a few short months away, Chris received a devastating prognosis: the AVM was inoperable. It was simply too large and riddled with aneurisms, too entwined with his motor cortex, to be safely treated. Any surgical intervention would likely kill him, or at best, leave him unable to move, or speak, or able to care for himself in any way. It was suggested he make the most of whatever time he had. Not one to give up, and benefitting from the care of excellent doctors, the heroic support of loving in-laws and a brash, determined pregnant wife, Chris began the first of many Cyberknife radiation treatments, with the aim of shrinking his AVM to the point it might be safely removed. When he was well enough, he managed to perform sporadic shows. But between worsening epilepsy and being unknown on the Austin music scene, he soon realized he'd have to approach his career from a different angle. With hundreds of songs collecting in drawers, Chris decided to commence work on a new album, and so began the arduous task of teaching himself to record music. With each song, he dedicated himself to learning the many techniques and subtleties of sound engineering and discovered a great passion for the process. The result is his new album, “Epilepsy Blues”, truly a labor of love. Chris’ prognosis is much improved, the Cyberknife treatments having been more successful than anyone foresaw in such a short time, and his epilepsy is better managed. He is excited to release his CD, to record other artists at his home studio, and of course, Chris still dreams of making his mark as a musician on the Texas Stage.

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