Chuck Allen Floyd

Chuck Allen Floyd
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Chuck Allen Floyd has lived many lives.  Songwriter, guitarist, cowboy, lawyer, frontman – each phase no less significant or influential than the last.  His songs reflect the full gamut of each experience, creating an honest look at the life of a man who could’ve just as easily spent his days in a courtroom instead of on a stage.  Chuck’s path to the Texas Country music scene took him through Nashville, Amarillo, and Nashville (again), finally returning him home to Oklahoma where he stands poised to take his place among the Country Music elite.

Chuck’s career as a songwriter in Clint Black’s Blacktop Music Group allowed him to hone his skill of crafting songs that connect with a larger audience.  Texas favorite James Lann recorded 5 of Chuck’s compositions on his current album, including the title cut, “Honky Tonk Kung Fu” (co-written with Lann) and the #1 hit “The Talent Requires.”  Chuck’s songs have also been recorded by 2006 ACM Vocal Group Of The Year nominee Carolina Rain (”How It Should Be”), Trey Hensley & Janie Fricke (”Lisa On The Line”), Australian sensation Liam Brew (”Today I’d Take A River”) and others.   His song “Borrowed Wings” won first place in the 2009 Billboard World Song Contest, and he was recently honored as Billboard’s 2010 winner for his song ‘Wishing He Was You’- a back-to-back feat that has never been accomplished.  He was also named 2009 Co-writer Of The Year by the New Hampshire Country Music Association for his collaboration with Tony Matrumalo on ‘You Got Lucky.’ Floyd and Matrumalo went on to win the North American Country Music Association’s Co-Writers Of The Year Award for the same song.  Chuck’s songs continue to be recorded by country music artists around the world.

Success as a professional songwriter is a mountaintop that few writers ever see.  However, in 2008, Chuck’s first love of performing live led him to return to Oklahoma and to touring.  Three songs from his first offering, “Tonight An Angel Fell,” charted in the Top 50 on The Texas Music Chart: “Living Like Rockstars (in a Honky Tonk Band)”- #31, “Good Morning Houston”- #17, and “The Right Girl”- #3.

Floyd’s second album, “Good On The Inside,” showcases the full arsenal of Chuck’s songwriting sensibilities, as well as virtuosic performances by his backing band, The Liars Club.  Hopeful, funny, dark, insightful, driving – this seminal sophomore album encompasses the full gamut of emotions experienced by barflies and wandering souls alike, and further cements Chuck Allen Floyd’s status as a first-rate singer and songwriter.

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Chuck Allen Floyd  01/28/2013            
Music Maverick
Just heard Chuck at Dosey Doe Cafe as accoustic show can all I can say is WOW! What a voice, GREAT songs and genuine talent plain and simple. Said he is more "lawyerin' than perfomin'" these days so if you get a chance to see a live accoustic show you better run to it. And better yet, stick around and talk music with him after the show. This guy gets what is happening now in the music business - Texas scene & Nashville..
Chuck Allen Floyd  11/18/2011            
Outrageous Outlaw
AWESOME! Solid music, great songs, and good on stage. Need more of his type of music on the radio. Worth any drive to go see and listen to.
Chuck Allen Floyd  06/04/2011            
Finally, finally an original sound but yet still true to the C&W of Texas!!!! Not sure where he's from but who cares - really dig his songs. Really like this guy!
Chuck Allen Floyd  05/17/2011            
Texas Tunes
Go see this guy live - good singer, GREAT songwriter and witty. Interacts with the crowd, entertaining. Buy his CDs cause his songs will grow on ya and you will find yourself just keep listening to them over and over.
Chuck Allen Floyd  05/11/2011            
D. Preacher W.
I have seen this guy live a few times. I really like his recordings (CDs) but, he is even better in person. Chuck has an AWESOME voice, great songs, and his guitar playing is pretty dang good too! This artist is going to be a Big Star real soon!!
Chuck Allen Floyd  04/30/2011            
Chase & Hunt
WOW! What a great find. This guy can SING! And great songs! Gotta tell my buddies about him and start a Chuck Allen Floyd revolution.
Chuck Allen Floyd  04/24/2011            
Turqouise Lady
Where has this guy been?!! Good on the Inside is a song of redemption anyone can relatew to from getting over a brokeb heart to too many bad choices to surving cancer. All This Love is sung with true authenticity and Friendship on Fire should be part of every wedding reception. Cross between George Strait and Garth Brooks with great vocal chops.
Chuck Allen Floyd  04/24/2011            
Sa Sa
Incredible songs! Great voice! Excellent storyteller. Musical arrangements spot on.
Chuck Allen Floyd  02/03/2011            
Great sound
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