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Clint Martin
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It is flying west on I-20 through west Texas ninety miles an hour with the top down. It’s in your face driving Texas Music. It’s an atmosphere full of cheers and people singing along. It’s the Clint Martin Band. His hit single “I Love Being Me” couldn’t explain any better how Clint feels about his career and life at this point. Clint says, “I wanted to write a song that showed how I felt about life in general and put a smile on some people’s faces.” That’s exactly what has been happening. Clint and his wife Lindsay were blessed with the birth of their firstborn on May 28th. Case Jarratt Martin has already put a million smiles on his mom and dad’s faces, and there will be many more to come. The song has made an impression over many people this summer, resonating airwaves all over the place. It sat in the Top Twenty on the Texas Music Chart for six weeks, and even inherited a nickname, “The Happy Song,” in the coastal bend of Texas. Backed by The Clint Martin Band, which was a Live Band of the Year nominee for 2010 (Bear Middleton, John Wolfe, and Bill Allen), Clint has been playing his music extensively around Texas. The band has opened for acts such as Kevin Fowler, Jamie Richards, Cory Morrow, Granger Smith, Two Tons of Steel, Jason Boland, Gary P. Nunn, Gretchen Wilson, Honeybrowne, and The Bellamy Brothers. 2011 has been a great year for the band, playing live shows all around Texas and getting to meet with so many fans from all around the state. In March, Clint released his second album Last of a Dying Breed. The title of the album is track four, which is a song he wrote for his grandpa, who left this world in 2001 due to lung cancer. “It was the very first song I ever wrote, and it’s by far my favorite song in the Clint Martin catalog.” The new album features “I Love Being Me,” “Storm of Her Memory,” and the rock influenced love ballad “The Long Ride,” as well as seven other tracks. Clint has been noted as a songwriter and performer who brings a combination of passion and energy at every show. The Clint Martin Band will leave you with that feeling of ‘Play one more song!’ after each show. That is exactly what they would like to do, but unfortunately many clubs have to shut down at some point!

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Clint Martin  08/20/2016            
Christopher H.
Well done Texas Country albums. I do have to admit I am a bit biased as I know Clint from the small town where we grew up in. Just glad to see he has made it as a country singer.
Clint Martin  01/02/2011            
I saw the Clint Martin Band play in New Braunfels and I was blown away by the energy their live show created. I bought his CD and now I can't wait for him to put out another one.
Clint Martin  04/23/2010            
Clint Martin is like totally awesome!! If you cant dance to his songs then something is defently WRONG!! lol. GREAT artist & singer all in 1!!&&<33
Clint Martin  03/04/2010            
If you can't dance to this band then you must not know how to dance. This group plays originals that are great dancing songs. Country to the bone.
Clint Martin  08/22/2009            
Went to Club 21 to see Martin, but wasn't real impressed with him. When are the bands going to start playing country music that can be danced to? Dance clubs/bars are meant to play dance music in and not for concert purposes. He might want to take notes from Bobby Flores, Jody Nix, Justin Trevino, and all the others that play COUNTRY MUSIC. But then again ... talking about true dance bands ... won't waste my time or money on this band until he changes his tunes ... or at least comes to playing dance music from performers like Ray Price, Faron Young, Mel Tillis and those previously listed. My advice to Martin would be to not follow those younger performers in Texas today. Their music is simply not that good and meant for "concerts" and has entertainment value for folks trying to hook up. Claims he's a country boy ... if so ... stay with your country roots and not let the city boys, calling themselves country entertainers, influence him ... we'll see ...
Clint Martin  07/13/2009            
Just found out about Clint and I can tell I like what the whole CD. I won't hesitate to see him perform next time I go to the Club21!
Clint Martin  06/29/2009            
Just want to say that this cd is awesome and very well put together. Clint and the guys did a great job recording it and I'm so glad to see the success that these guys have already achieved. Great job and good luck with the radio tours!!!
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