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 Cody Gill’s debut performance took place more than a decade ago. A Stephenville native, Gill spent many of his early years in Houston working an 8 to 5 gig before listening to his heart and moving back home to pursue a life in music. He has since established a reputation for genuine, real life narratives in his lyrics. Two full length albums later and with loyal fans spanning the country, Gill has solidified his place in the Texas country music scene.

Cody Gill has all of his cards on the table with his new EP arriving in early 2011, which features the hit single “Road Signs”. He hopes that this will be his best work yet. “The music business is changing; it has been changing. Fans receive music much differently now than in the past” says Gill. While expanding his musical horizons, Gill is staying true to his roots of passion and integrity and expects that his new work will be well received. “I want my music to reach beyond state lines, but not lose its integrity. I won’t lose where I came from.”

Gill’s new EP will be a follow up to his self-produced sophomore album, King of Your Hometown, released in 2009 in collaboration with Smith Entertainment. The album’s first two singles “King of Your Hometown”, a good hearted, satirical memoir of sorts, and “Crazy”, an upbeat sing-a-long, both reached the “Top 30” on the Texas Music Chart. “Road Signs”, mixed and engineered by Erik Herbst, was the rocking fan favorite. It peaked at #18 on the Texas Music Chart. The album filled the Lonestar Music #2 Best Seller position for two months. The success of King of Your Hometown gave Gill the recognition and honor of receiving a Gruene with Envy ‘New Artist of the Year’ nomination.

In 2007, Gill’s debut album Boxcars, produced by Mike McClure, also churned out a Texas Music Chart hit. “Can’t Let Her Go” spent an astonishing nine months on the Chart, showing that Gill is no stranger to chart topping hits. The powerful vocals of Gill combined with the soaring guitar of lead man Zack Hooper, driving drums of Jarrod Baker, interwoven bass grooves of Zach ‘Cooder’ Wade, and harmonious keys of Kayleigh Jones make for one magnetic stage performance.


Gill’s touring radius is expanding as his popularity grows. “Road signs keep flying by” as he hits the pavement over 175 days a year. Recent shows have him breaking out of the borders of the Lonestar State in support of his new EP due out in early 2011. Gill shows no signs of slowing down and says “every road is worth traveling at least once".

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Average Rating : 4.7              Total Reviews: 69

Cody Gill  08/27/2010            
Cody Gill is pure greatness, go check em out people!
Cody Gill  08/17/2009            
new fan!
The Cody Gill Band was at Tavern on the Gruene this past Saturday and they put on a great show; had the crowd rock'n out! A band to watch for!
Cody Gill  04/17/2009            
cody gill my name
wut kind of music is this my name is actily cody and my last name is gill i cant bleave theres a band that has my first and last name in it
Cody Gill  04/04/2009            
ali sue
I absolutely love this cd. "Love is never caged" is my favorite. It took awhile for me to finally get this album, since Illinois doesn't got any around and ordering online wasn't a piece of cake, but the wait was worth it when i found it on vacation at a best buy in Oklahoma! I am so happy to finally have it. "gone" is a brilliant song along with "retreat" and "home". awesome album.
Cody Gill  03/02/2009            
The new cd king of your hometown is nothing short of amazing and everyone should own a copy! If you havent spent the time to see these guys live its well worth the money and or the time! Finally some good ole Texas country!! Keep rockin fellas!
Cody Gill  03/02/2009            
I absolutely love this new album! Every song on it is catchy and memorable. I personally love both “king of my hometown” and “18 in Mexico”. I think the think I like the most is that they don’t sound like every other band out there, they have their own unique sound. I am already excited for their next CD. :) I would def. recommend this CD to everyone.
Cody Gill  02/18/2009            
I love their new album King of Your Hometown. Cody has an amazing voice and the band really plays from the heart. The Cody Gil Band just keeps getting better!
Cody Gill  02/17/2009            
Liked Boxcars better.Cody's voice is way to whiny..Sounded better when he was mocking Mike McClure..Best song on the album is Threw me Away..That being said these guys are amazing live.Album just not what I was expecting.I think these guys would do much better in a different music genre cuz they are definately not TEXAS COUNTRY to me.Course thats just my opinion.
Cody Gill  01/19/2009            
Saw these guys opening for Cory Morrow at the Horseman Club in Fort Worth last weekend. They put on a hell of a good show. If you get the chance to check these guys out, its worth it! Looking forward to the new album.
Cody Gill  01/16/2009            
Cant wait for this one! The word is going to get out very soon about this band the first record boxcars rocked!
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