Cody Hughes Davidson Band

Cody Hughes Davidson Band
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The Best Albums of 2007 that Nobody Told You About Give it a look and pass it on to your friends. Cody Hughes Davidson band was formed October of 2005. Cody Hughes Davidson, age 25, is the front man of the band with his smoky-bluesy vocals ( He is the youngest of the group, but do not let his age fool you. Cody is a self-taught musician who has been singing and writing his own style of Texas/Red Dirt music since high school. Cody started by performing acoustic shows, opening for Aaron Watson, Doug Moreland, Ryan James and Charlie Robison also playing for any and everyone who would listen, including the smallest of bars and largest of backyards.
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04/18/2008 - Rising West Texan Brings His Own Crowd - Read More
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Cody Hughes Davidson Band  10/06/2008            
billy D
Great stuff! "Risky Game" the single is an awesome bluesy rock fusion that got stuck in my head the second i pressed play. I'll enjoy this c.d. for a long time coming. Definately a good buy.
Cody Hughes Davidson Band  03/03/2008            
Texas Music Times
The Best Albums of 2007 That No One Told You About by Steve Circeo It's time once again for what, in my opinion, are the best tunes you may have missed last year. You probably already have the latest releases from Ragweed, Walt Wilkins, Jack Ingram, Kevin Fowler, Kelly Willis, Shooter Jennings, Jimmy LaFave, Larry Joe Taylor, and other better known artists, so my goal each year is to turn you on to the music that doesn't necessarily get all the hype. These are the albums that stay in my CD player, the records that really makes me think, "Damn, I wish I could make music like that." Cody Hughes Davidson Band Risky Game The first studio album from this young gun out of Midland is remarkable. Cody Hughes Davidson wisely chose Keith Davis as his producer for Risky Game, and Keith's influence on this young songwriter's music is, while not heavy-handed, very much in evidence. It is perhaps best exemplified in the instrumentation for the powerful song "Huntsville Death Row" and also in my choice for Best Country Song of 2007 Not Released as a Single, "All Choked Up." Cody's voice is pure with a touch of rasp and his songwriting is simple and engaging.
Cody Hughes Davidson Band  03/03/2008   
This young musician from West Texas, began making music in high school. At age 17, he began to play bass, Weezer covers, and that kind of stuff. But in order to have success, he felt he needed to play guitar, so learned to play acoustic guitar. It was not long before people heard him and asked him to play house parties. Then he started writing his own songs, and he soon put out a CD with ten acoustic songs, which was sold on those performances. Wanting to get to the next level, Cody put together a band. Cody Hughes Davidson follows in the southern rock tradition of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Outlaws, but you can also hear traces of John Mellencamp. Keith Davis produced the record in Austin. He also played guitar on the record. The record is filled with strong hit songs like "Travelin 'Man." The darker "Huntsville Death Row," is another standout as it looks into the final days of a condemned man. The slide guitar is served up tastily in the title track, "Risky Game," which is about about life on the road during the many performances. The beautiful song about a lover who's moved away, "Last Call To Boston," is all the more pleasant because Cody's voice gives it a bit of a rough edge. "All Choked Up" has the same feel -- Americana with a quiet country beat -- and is a song that you can listen to over and over. The second half of the CD is a bit less rocking than the front half, with Jim Croce's "Box number 10" being performed acoustically with just Cody and his guitar. The Western swing atmosphere of "Flamingo Paradise," the closing song on the record, shows yet another side of Cody. This is an excellent CD of songs that show a lot of promise fro this young Texan. Keep making that music, boys!
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