Cody Kouba

Cody Kouba
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Having started cutting his teeth on the Houston music scene in 1999, Cody Kouba has had the luxury of surrounding himself with great musicians and friends. From July of ‘99 Cody and his band, Lost Cause, (which changed to Sexual Chocolate shortly after) made the local Honky-tonks, bringing back the lost tunes of Johnny Rodriguez, Merle Haggard, Charlie Rich, and many other country legends we know so well. In a club scene that was dominated by top 40 cover bands, the authentic sounds that were supposedly dead were catching the crowds now more than ever. It was at this time that Cody introduced his first album, “Long Road Ahead”, and had those same fans eating up his vivacious blend of Rocking Texas guitar and banjo, along with comical and sometimes extreme country lyrics. With this new innovative sound, Cody made his way across the air ways into the stereos of many fans across this great state of Texas. He was hand selected as one of Texas Most Wanted bands by the CBS-affiliate radio station 95.7 KIKK in Houston for “Long Road Ahead’s” single “Road Trip from Hell.” After three years of running his band, Lost Cause finally lost its luster within itself. Each of the guys went their separate ways, one now a grass tycoon, one's an orchestra teacher, and one still travels the Texas scene with the Jon Wolfe Band. This was a low point in Cody’s music career and little was seen for opportunity beyond the way of the horizon. However, in College Station Texas of ’03 at the famous North by Northgate Festival, a culmination of two different worlds collided. Cody met the boys from and the boys from met Cody. The blend of their unique songs, sound and Cody’s wicked guitar was the breed for utter success. Their second album, “Any Other Way,” was released in January of ’04. With the help of management from The Company artist management Cody with shared the stage with the Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar along with the likes of Toby Keith, Jerry Cantrell and many other incredible artists. The guys were burning up the highways and airways alike. It was Dallas one night, Austin the next, and then to Glenn Rose with Pat Green and Max Stalling, you couldn’t touch it . What's more the band also perked the ears of Warner Brothers Nashville Publishing Firm, Warner-Chappell, and was named in the top 3 of new Texas Country Bands by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy Awards). They also performed for a national TV show, Food Nation with Bobby Flay on the Food Network. This musical experience open a lot of avenues for Cody and gave him more stories to write about. This fueled his desires to go at it again, not just as a co-songwriter and guitar player, but as his own entity. had been put on hold with the birth of Wayne, Cody, and Thomas’ baby’s and understandingly career focus’ changed for some. This provoked the release of Cody’s second album “Days and nights”, which was highly anticipated by Cody Kouba fans and now fans alike. In the process of this breaking down there was a spawn in growth of ticket sales and record sales as well. “The Long Road Ahead” had finally come full circle. What was started years ago has found itself at a completion as well as new beginning. Cody continues making music with an edge along with help from all his friends and musicians. In Cody’s own “you can not stop the inevitable, Great Music..” Cody said, "I find myself looking at my family, my daughter, and back down the roads traveled. I realize more and more that each moment is special and has bearing on your soul and what lies ahead, so you had better take in all you love and let the rest of life’s garbage just pass you by: enjoy the ride“ (Just Pass you By 2005). Enjoy the album and thank you for listening in on piece of my history. We will see you in a honky-tonk down the road. Thanks
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08/16/2008 - Local band to open for Kenny Chesney - Read More
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Cody Kouba  04/24/2020            
Kari w.
Not only a great performer and an awesome guy I grew up listen to him and his band practicing in a barn when they first got started to listen to him now so proud to not only know the singer but also the man I still try to make any of his shows when in the area keep making great songs and music. in my family my mom dad brothers and me you got fans for life
Cody Kouba  03/02/2010            
Really impressed with onstage personality and music. Bought the cd and had Cody sign it for us. Looking forward to his next cd. Will be sure to see him again.
Cody Kouba  08/16/2008            
Ronnie B
Cody , 60,000 fans cant be wrong. Way to Go. Ronnie B.
Cody Kouba  01/24/2008            
tim jackson
1 of the best most pure voices i have ever herd. and can shred da hell out of a gutiar,, look foward to seeing him feb 9 in C town
Cody Kouba  09/25/2007            
Janet Downey
Love your music, Hope to get to come and see you again soon.
Cody Kouba  07/09/2007            
We needed some Cody K. music this weekend on the river! I listened to your CD all the way to the hill country and on the way home! Can't wait to hear you again!!
Cody Kouba  06/28/2007            
Janet Downey
Can't wait for you to come up to the New Braunfels area where we live. I love hearing your music and we always have a good time. COME SEE US.
Cody Kouba  06/11/2007            
I heard you were great at Crosby, which you always are so it was no suprise! I let a friend listen to your cd the other day on the way to the river & wow that's all we listened to all weekend. Your awesome, I just love your music. Keep it up, we will be right behind you the entire way!
Cody Kouba  05/29/2007            
Cody Kouba  05/23/2007            
Nancy Downey Brown
Cody my husband and I really enjoyed your music at the Strawberry festival. I enjoyed it so much I bought both of your CD's You provided a variety of music for all age groups. Thank you again for the entertainment both Friday and Saturday. You have a great voice and WOW you can really play that guitar.
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