Cutaway Crossing

Cutaway Crossing
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One unsuspecting, Saturday afternoon in the Fall of 2005, two childhood buddies - who hadn't seen each other in years - literally bumped into each other in a Kansas City guitar shop. Life after college had taken Woody Bendle and Trevor Howard to opposite coasts but fate brought them back to the Midwest and their love of music got them back together! Cutaway Crossing begins... Cutaway Crossing is five Midwestern guys who all share an incredible passion for living life, creating, and playing great music. Their motivation is singular and simple - passion! "If you don't have passion - you've got nothin'! If you're not passionate about what you're doin', just stop doin' it!" The name "Cutaway Crossing" represents the origins and the essence of the band. All of their tunes are developed on acoustic guitars - the majority being cutaways. "Nothing can quite match the vibe and the vulnerability of three acoustic guitars working it out with the rhythm section...that's when the real magic happens!"
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